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Introducing Widgetkit 1.2

Now features improved image management

Introducing Widgetkit 1.2

Today we have a brand new Widgetkit 1.2 release prepared for you! It's a short follow up to our Widgetkit 1.1 release 3 weeks ago. The new responsiveness of all widgets marked a major step in the evolvement of Widgetkit, and we thought it was about time for some icing on the cake. So, besides the regular bugfixes, we have put some work into the improvement of our Gallery widget.

Gallery Image Management

One of the new features in Widgetkit 1.1 was the drag and drop support for quick and easy gallery uploads. And, as promised back then, with Widgetkit 1.2 we have now added the missing functionalities to make image management with the Gallery widget a breeze. You can now upload and delete images as well as create and remove folders and their images. Finally you don't rely on FTP or Joomla's and WordPress's media managers.

New Transition Effects

On top of the improved image management, we also added two fancy new effects for the Slideshow and Gallery widgets: Rotate and Scale. Both effects fully support touch devices and swiping as well as all modern browser versions. In all older browsers, they will be replaced by a gentle fade.

New Gallery Style

And last but not least, a new style offers you some more variety for your Gallery widgets. The Inside gallery style is a basic slideshow with a neat little thumbnail preview inside the image.

But what are you waiting for – go ahead and give the new Widgetkit a spin! We are excited for your feedback!

By Sascha | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (33)

  • chander.ramnarain


    | Profile |
    Can't wait to see it in action :-)
  • bernd.guenter


    | Profile |
    Download is version 1.1.1 / 19th July? Correct?
  • ross.malyon


    | Profile |
    Let us know when the download links are updated :)
  • b01.tom


    | Profile |
    Would be great if you could specify a json source for the images to allow integration in different components and setups.
  • jules.kozak


    | Profile |
    I'm going to try it out now, looking forward to it! :)
  • gregorius


    | Profile |
    Great job.

    But what about two features from forum: reverse sorting in gallery and limit od shown images.

    Also when you have big images its very hard to work with gallery backend cos there's no thumbails. Just the original scaled pics.
  • rob.molenaar


    | Profile |
    Lots of compliments guys for this Widgekit.
    It makes it so easy to build a nice attractive website.
    I love Yootheme!
  • forsys


    | Profile |
    Think that have spanish problems, when upgrade change special chars to some rare code.... Problem is some lik UTF-8
    • steffan


      | Profile |
      Please update your Widgetkit version. We have just released Widgetkit 1.2.1 which resolves the character encoding issue.
  • marcin.drogosz


    | Profile |
    Agree, the same with Polish.
  • ellen.didier


    | Profile |
    Image management is a great addition, but I sure hope custom sorting is coming down the pipe. Like the new styles too. Will be putting these to good use!
  • erwin.lievre.12


    | Profile |
    I purchased the previous version of widget kit not too long ago. can I update to this version for Free or do I need to pay again?
  • robiv8


    | Profile |
    Whats about frontend uploads! Is there a chance for it?
  • mauro.miotello


    | Profile |
    i agree about custom sorting feature :)
  • alexander.poehlmann


    | Profile |
    Like mentioned above from two others we have also a problem with special chars (german language). Looks like a bug... already any ideas for a fix?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Please update your Widgetkit version. We have just released Widgetkit 1.2.1 which resolves the character encoding issue.
      • alexander.poehlmann


        | Profile |
        Thank you for the quick update. Works fine now!
  • berndwolter


    | Profile |
    Thank you works fine now!
  • nepol


    | Profile |
    This is great! Now if just this upload/create folders/delete feature was integrated to ZOO galleries especially in front-end my life would feel more complete. Thanks!
  • copper0077


    | Profile |
    I am so grateful for your hard work. Thank you for delivering outstanding products.
  • iexpert


    | Profile |
    Fantastic !!!
  • mario.mari


    | Profile |
    Thank you for the new version!
    I'm happy. It is a pity that no option has been added Joomla! "Featured Articles" as one of the categories of Joomla content selection for WidGetKit.

    The use of this dynamic special category of Joomla! enable entirely new applications WidGetKit.

    Best Regards!
    • kennst


      | Profile |
      Yes it would be really helpful with a option to choose only the featured articles!!!
  • robert.b.escott


    | Profile |
    Excellent work guys I have been waiting a long time for this and it looks great! This really is a game changer.
  • kennst


    | Profile |
    I'm really missing an option for clickable titles in widgetkit
  • raymond.fernandes


    | Profile |
    I can't fin documentation on the widgets such as slideshow - are the effects mostly trial and error in selecting the settings - Interested in the Ken Burns effect
  • brek


    | Profile |
    the wall gallery isn't responsive
  • nicholas.osinski


    | Profile |
    Important to note that it doesn't yet work with Wordpress Multisite.

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