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UIkit 1.1 released

We added a new animation and scrollspy component

UIkit 1.1 released

After many hours of bugfixing, experiments and discussions we're thrilled to announce the release of UIkit 1.1 - The next milestone in the young life of our beloved frontend framework. The new release comes - besides many minor improvements and bugfixes - with two complete new components: Animation and ScrollSpy.

But before getting more into detail let's crunch some numbers. Uikit was forked over 100 times and found over 730 stargazers on Github since its initial release. We're also proud to announce that UIkit has been downloaded over 18335 times. This is awesome, thank you! Now let's get back to the two new great addtions you'll find in UIkit.


Animations are cross-browser keyframe based CSS animations wrapped in classes ready to add dynamic effects to any element on your site. To see the animations in action just head over to our animation documentation.


Scrollspy is a simple but powerful component for firing events and adding classes to elements when their position scrolls into the viewport. Great for scroll based animations but also useful if you want to implement for example infinite scroll instead of a pagination. You'll find examples and all needed information in the scrollspy documentation.

Last but not least we would like to say thank you to the community out there for providing us with experienced bugs and feature suggestions. Head over to UIkit and build something great with it!

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