ZOO 3.2 – Utilize the full power of the Joomla ACL

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Today we are really excited to announce some cool new features coming with ZOO 3.2! Besides some stability improvements the main focuses of this update are Joomla ACL support and real front-end editing for items and comments. The new ZOO brings the full power of Joomla ACL to your ZOO Application. With this update it will be quite easy to handle big user groups with different access permissions.


With ZOO 3.2 you are able to define ACL rules for each Application and – if you want to – even for each type! We tried to make the definition of access rules as simple as possible. ZOO inherits some of your existing core rules and hands them down to the applications. Therefore, you don’t have to define all your user groups again. The types inherit the permissions of their application. You can overwrite the rules at each state, as you are probably used to from Joomla.

ZOO implements the following core permissions:

  • core.admin
  • core.manage
  • core.create
  • core.delete
  • core.edit
  • core.edit.state
  • core.edit.own

And the following custom permissions:

  • zoo.categories.manage
  • zoo.comments.manage
  • zoo.frontpage.manage

You don’t need ACL? No Problem! Just don’t touch ACL settings. ZOO will work as usual.

Front-end editing

With ZOO 3.2 it gets even easier to edit items in the front-end. We separated front-end editing from submissions. This means there is no need to create an item edit submission anymore. You can now simply edit the edit layout for your type and give a user the core.edit (or core.edit.own) permission. Every logged in user automatically sees the edit button, provided he has the permission.

The same applies to comments. Just assign the zoo.comments.manage permission to a user group and every user in this group will be able to manage comments in the front-end.

Update custom apps

We created a tutorial on how to make custom apps ready for ZOO 3.2.

Grab your copy now and see ACL in action! We can’t wait to hear what you think about it.


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