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Warp 7.3 released

WooCommerce Support and much more

Warp 7.3 released

Just recently we gave you a quick overview of our future plans. But despite the big projects, we are still working on small releases that will have a big impact on your work. Today we are happy to announce the release of Warp 7.3. A long anticipated feature in our Wordpress themes is better support for WooCommerce. We also improved the handling of the Widgetkit bonus styles and we updated UIkit.

WooCommerce Support

We are happy to say that all Warp 7 themes for Wordpress now include stylings for your WooCommerce shop. Once the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated, the themes styles will automatically come into effect on the WooCommerce pages. There is no additional configuration needed. All styles that come with a theme do work on the shop pages. That applies to the custom styles created with the themes customizer, also.

Widgetkit Bonus Styles

Many of our themes come with additional Widgetkit styles, so far these bonus styles had to be downloaded and installed separately. Now the themes built with Warp 7.3 include the bonus styles in the theme folder. You can use these styles in the Widgetkit widget right away after you installed a theme. You won't need to download and install the Widgetkit bonus styles separately anymore. This will make it a lot easier for you to use the additional styles in Widgetkit.

UIKit 2.10

With the update to Warp 7.3 all themes have the latest UIKit version included. So you can benefit from the new and updated UIKit add-ons and components in the themes.

We are quite happy with these new features and hope you will enjoy them, too.

By Hendrik | | Posted in Warp

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