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Joy Theme

March 2016 YOOtheme club theme

Joy Theme

Spring is around the corner bringing us a fresh new theme. Joy – our March 2016 release – is bursting with special features, like two additional module positions, eye catching effects and custom Slideshow and Slideshow Panel widgets. It works great for any kind of website project, though it's particularly suited for charity, NGO or event presentations.

Hero Blocks

Joy theme comes with two special module positions: Top and Bottom Hero. Both expand to full viewport height and width and feature custom settings that are applied through the Warp administration. You can enter a background image path or a color value for each of these positions. Additionally you can animate the colored background, so it will rotate through different hues, and enable a particles animation. If this is not enough, you can also add your own custom class to further enhance your hero blocks. For example, adding the .tm-top-hero-gradient class will fade out the Top Hero position towards the bottom with a gradient.

Joy Hero Blocks

Typewriter effect

This effect is great for drawing attention to important headings. Just add the data-tw attribute to a text element. It is also possible to add an animation from UIkit to the incoming letters and to increase or decrease the speed of the effect.

Joy Typewriter Effect

Slideshow and Slideshow Panel

The custom Slideshow and Slideshow panel widgets feature a display announcing the number of items as well as the active item. The conjoint slidenav can be positioned to the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right of the Slideshow.

Joy Custom Widgets

Page appearance

Joy theme allows you to display the site's wrapper with small, medium, large as well as full width

Joy Page Appearance

Navigation settings

This theme comes with three different navigation layouts. The main menu can be centered or aligned to the left or right. It can be placed on top of the content as a transparent navigation and it can be set fixed, so it remains at the top of the browser when scrolling.

Joy Navigaton

Another option allows you to extend the main navigation dropdown to the width of the entire browser window. A subtle overlay will be applied to the rest of the site while the dropdown is open.

Joy Navigaton

Blog layout

The optional custom blog layout places the date to the left of the article's content.

Joy Blog Layout


Joy theme comes with 6 style presets and a number of additional options to change the position appearance of each section. Some useful utility classes and theme components will help you arrange your content. For a full list of these classes and a more detailed overview of the theme's features, check out the Theme page.

  • Additional Hero module positions
  • Slideshow and Slideshow Panel widgets
  • Three different navbar layouts with more options
  • Different block appearance settings
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

By Sergej | | Posted in Themes

Comments (20)

  • roger.gillies.34


    | Profile |
    This looks like a really versatile new theme. I am looking forward to trying it out. Nice work!
  • websitecolors


    | Profile |
    Very Good Theme ;)
  • oldenglish415


    | Profile |
  • cappu


    | Profile |
    Superbe! Again. Thank you for this!
  • oguz.copel


    | Profile |
    nice, build with warp 8?
  • guerton.christophe.11


    | Profile |
    A great theme that really changes all others. Bravo
  • moloseb


    | Profile |
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    Fantastic! Thank you Yoo team!
  • lucas


    | Profile |
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    very nice!
  • forrestkirby


    | Profile |
    Nice theme. I think the range of options in navigation & dropdown layout will be helpful to a lot of people. I especially like the typewriter effect!
  • markusb


    | Profile |
    nice one! But on the page "theme" the navigation on the left is jumping to the left by scrolling down. (Safari on mac osx), looks quiet buggy...

    • markusb


      | Profile |
      ...jumping to the *right* i mean...
    • sergej


      | Profile |
      We're looking into the issue, thanks for reporting.
  • viktor.horst.17


    | Profile |
    Again a theme heavy loaded with lots of big images. Ofcourse it is beautiful, but most clients do not have great pictures. I am waiting for a theme that also will be great without big images.
    • jan.ottar.olufsen.80


      | Profile |
      You can easily make this template look whatever you want it to. And if your client pay a few bucks, they can download great images everywhere, like shutterstock for instance. Or even better, they could pay a photographer to do the job.

      A website with no images or illustrations would in my opinion feel dull and boring.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      I see it the same way as @jan. Use your imagination. Just because we used big hero images in some of the demos, doesn't mean the theme doesn't work without them. This theme looks also great without large hero images as you can see on the sub pages. Also the "Spectrum" style gives you fancy background effect without the need for a large hero image.
  • martin.podlipnik


    | Profile |
    why this large scroll-delay?
  • cassandra.leone


    | Profile |
    Gorgeous theme, as usual.. though I have to agree with the image heavy aspect, but that is your current vibe. I have faith you will shift soon enough.

    My one issue though is please.. enough with the vertical drop down menus. Make a quick setting for those of us who have no desire to have huge drop downs w/tons of negative space. I horizontal drop down with contrasting color would be a lovely alternative menu option.
  • legianganh


    | Profile |
    Look nice. My company is JOY as well: http://joy.net

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