YOOtheme turns 10

Lets celebrate ten years and win a free subscription

10 years of YOOtheme

This year is our tenth birthday! 10 years! It's hard to believe – for some of us it feels as if it were yesterday that we launched YOOtheme in January 2007 with this post. A few of you may remember the Smoove theme, which was some kind of breakthrough for us. Ten years later the web has changed completely and we're grateful not just for having been around that long but also for being able to grow and create exciting stuff for Joomla and WordPress. We are proud to be part of their ecosystems and also of our own two Open Source projects UIkit and Pagekit. We look back at a decade full of releases, milestones and fond memories.

Join the I♥YOO competition and win a subscription

While browsing some of the photos from these past few years, we came across the I♥YOO competitions in 2010 and 2009. Do you remember? For those who don't know, people took pictures of themselves holding up an I♥YOO sign and sent them to us. Some people came up with the craziest places to take these photos, including the top of a free fall tower at a theme park.

Since it was so much fun, we would like to start a 10 year anniversary I♥YOO competition: We're giving away 10 subscriptions for Joomla and WordPress among everyone entering a photo. The winners will also receive a special 10 year anniversary goodie bag from us.

I love YOO competition

To enter the competition, just download the I♥YOO PDF, print it out, take a photo and send it to info@yootheme.com or tweet it to @yootheme. The competition ends March 31. We will announce the winners and present a selection of the best pictures shortly after. We are excited to receive your creative pictures from all over the world!

Invite YOOtheme team to your user group meetup

Are you organizing a Joomla or WordPress user group meetup? We want to visit you! For our 10 year anniversary we want to give back to the community. We would love to join your user group meetup, answer your questions and – if you're interested – provide a little insight into YOOtheme Pro. All you need to do is send us a short description of you and your user group. Let us know a bit about yourselves and tell us why you think we should come to visit you – pictures are very welcome. Drop us a mail at info@yootheme.com.

I love YOO competition

Thank you!

We are proud of what we have achieved over the past ten years and excited to see what's coming next. None of this would have been possible without a strong and supportive community. Our deepest gratitude goes out to you guys. Let's make the next decade a great one together.

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  • dumitru05


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  • rick.roelofs


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    Congratulations! For many years I've used many templates as an amature and all those years with so much fun. I'm still learning and I am curious what Yootheme'll be in ten years from now.
  • theoutsiders


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    Congratulations, ten years is quite an achievement. Keep up the good work you've been doing so far and another ten years is gone before you know it. A big thumbs-up from The Netherlands :)
  • kunjan


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    Congratulations! Yoo
  • michael.anlauf


    | Profile |
    Felicitaciones, congratulations and herzlichen Glückwunsch.
  • arthur.rosa


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    Gongratulations from Brazil! I love what you are doing. I´be been a Yootheme customer since 2014 when I lauched my first website using Showroom template.
    You guys are in rightr direction to another ten years of success.

    Happy birthday!
  • mesut.kullar


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    congratulations Yootheme
  • wolfgang.schawel


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    Great work, great doing and great team, great and best Yoo.
    Best wishes and congratulations Yootheme for the next ten years.
  • tobias.luger


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    wow! congrats yootheme! it seems to me, that i am one of your long time members. my first subsribtion i made in 2007. a long time. i love yootheme. it is not always simple with you ( ;) ) but your work is fantastic. i love yootheme. since pro i am a little bit disappointed... my only thing i wish are the positions. i write for my self an override, to get the old structure, because i need it. it was a work of 10 minutes... but it only works when i hack the code. an override template did not work... but with every update, it is gone. my only wish: please include again top-a to top-d and bottom-a to bottom-d. then i am happy again. the rest is great! it is not a lot of work for you, but you make a lot of people more happier with pro. i have read all about that in the support and i know your opinion about that. but a lot of people can´t work without the positions. maybe we can talk about that on a meeting in an group or so... than i can explain better why and we can drink a few bottles of beer together. yootheme is great! and i think, we can go the next 10 years together. without the positions i have to take warp7... but its ok when you have updates for that the next 10 years :) happy birthday!
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Thank you :-) It is high on our todo list. We just don't want to hard-code them and are working on a better solution.
      • tobias.luger


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        great to hear! thats why i love yootheme!
  • brokie


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    congratulations Yootheme
  • henryk.mierzwa


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    Herzliche Glückwünsche zum 10jährigen!!
  • nemanja


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    congrats! hope to see the positions back or a better solutions
    Thank you for amazing work so far
    None of this wouldn't be possible without forward thinking of the future
    and wish you good in the market expansion with the builder
  • francesco.visinoni


    | Profile |
    Happy birthday to YOOtheme from Italy!
    You changed my working life: I remember my first website made by Seasons Theme (August 2007). It was incredibly successful!
  • websitecolors


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    Happy Birthday ;)
  • brucevalle


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    Happy First 10 Years to Yootheme I♥YOO from Ecuador
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    Hi! been with you since the beginning, remember very well your first theme! Cheers....
  • chris.gilroy


    | Profile |
    I've been here since the beginning! The early days were all about FIREFLY! yootools was the best! Thanks guys!
  • guede.boubacar


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    Long life and much success!!!!!!
  • andrew.khvatov


    | Profile |
    Greetings from Russia! I am with you for a long time, guys.
    Because your're the best!
  • cabinetstore


    | Profile |
    Congratulations! Yoo
  • rancoule.julien


    | Profile |
    Happy Birthday Yootheme, Such a pleasure to work with your awesome themes since so long. We love you so much for your elegance and smart concepts. Art Direction Wouldn't be the same without you.
  • moloseb


    | Profile |
    Yeah, Happy B-day! proud member and user since 2008! (first used template: beyond, oldest still in use: shuffle)
  • niceasice


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    Wie die Zeit vergeht...alle jute zum Bday und grüße nach HH.
  • riaz.budree


    | Profile |
    Happy Birthday.

    You've grown fast :) and have done a great job taking in all the criticism over the years. Yootheme has helped me learn so many skills since 2009. I am thankful you guys have kept true to your style for so long.

    Been a member since 2009 and the only thing missing from YOOtheme is the ability to maybe pay like 5 euro/dollars for a Priority Support ticket response.

    Apart from that, thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years in the support team. You guys deserve continued success.

  • eric.paap.13


    | Profile |
    So many years we are partners on the internet! Its a amazing! Happy togehter!
  • jwellman


    | Profile |
    I've been here almost as long... I love Yoo!
    ~Happy 10th Birthday~
  • cristina.brites


    | Profile |
    Congratulations - I'm a big fan of yoo excellent work!!
    Regards from Portugal!
  • teddie.dian.patria


    | Profile |
    Awesooome!! Happy turn 10 from Indonesia :)
  • donnalee


    | Profile |
    Congratulations Yootheme!!
  • mwd.devteam


    | Profile |
    Happy 10th Yooversary!! Thanks for all the great themes! We have grown our business with your help over the last 7 years!

    ~The Mountain Web Design team
  • sari.leivo


    | Profile |
    Congrats, our company has also 10th birthday on 1st Apr. We have used your themes for years and will continue to do so!!!
  • holger.liesegang


    | Profile |
    Happy Birthday, YOOtheme!
  • hermann.niederhoefer


    | Profile |
    Not only to keep up the past 10 years is remarkable, rather to hang especially in this business: Congratulation!!!
    Please keep on going as before!
  • macpalm


    | Profile |
    Happy birthday and congratulations of the last 10 years. Looking forward to stepping in to the Era of YOOtheme Pro!
  • marek.klimaszewski


    | Profile |
    Congrats, keep up the good work
  • alberto.dessi


    | Profile |
    Happy 10 years, thank you!
  • franck.weibel


    | Profile |
    Happy birthday and congratulations for your great themes !
  • gccstat


    | Profile |
    Well, we wish a very happy birthday
  • gccstat


    | Profile |
    Well, we wish a very happy birthday. Me personally, l'm with you since your beginning through many, many identities ;p, and since then I've been recommending you to many, many people; because your work speaks of itself, catch them from the first sight
  • gccstat


    | Profile |
    catch them from the first sight, and you .. well, your work convays who are you.

    Thank you so much, and thank you for making our life beautiful.
  • albertsmom


    | Profile |
    Congrats and wish you many more years of great success!
  • daidaidesign


    | Profile |
    Yay, happy birthday YOOtheme! What an achievement, 10 years in business. My first website (ever) was with the 'Core' theme. I loved doing it! I wish you many more happy and succesful years.
  • marco.velandia


    | Profile |
    Congratulations HBD2U 10 YEARS Yootheme!!
  • chris.moller


    | Profile |
    Congratulations. Best Temps ever! Great Job!
  • jj.spelman


    | Profile |
    Congrats on 10th anniversary. Wish you guys were able to present at Joomla Day Florida last weekend! #jdfl17
  • francesco.galdieri


    | Profile |
    Congratulations! Go on with Your amazing job!

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