YOOtheme 3.0 – The Relaunch Part 1

Finally, the wait is over! We are very proud to present our new website. It’s the third time in the history of YOOtheme, so you could call it YOOtheme 3.0. The old website served us well for over 7 years. It was a relic from the age before responsive web design. The current website is all shiny and new and makes use of the latest web technologies. It has been in the making for over half a year.

As you can see, everything has changed from design and site structure to product pages, blog and documentation as well as the user account and support system. We have redesigned and improved every section of our website to make it more clear, informative and innovative. We focused a lot on responsiveness and site performance to provide a great user experience. The new website should be blazing fast.

One of the highlights is the comprehensive and completely rewritten documentation for YOOtheme Pro. It explains all the developer features including how to extend and customize YOOtheme Pro with new settings and elements to build your own custom theme.

Are you excited yet? Let us walk you through all the new stuff.

Themes Pages

The new website now has a themes overview page where you can find all YOOtheme Pro, Warp 7 and Legacy themes. The YOOtheme Pro theme section comes with a topic filter on the left side, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Each theme now has its own detail page presenting all layouts, styles, topic images and theme features. A download button opens a modal with all available download packages.

Demo Server

The old demo server is now also integrated into the themes pages. You can access each theme preview from the overview or the theme's detail page. Any layout or style can be previewed directly by clicking on the theme's detail page. The preview opens in a fullscreen modal, and you can close it any time to continue browsing our website. You can switch between themes and styles and even check how the website looks on desktop, tablet and mobile viewports by clicking the responsive buttons, the same you know from YOOtheme Pro.

Product Pages

We've redesigned all product pages. The YOOtheme Pro page got a complete makeover with new videos and is now well integrated into the website. The Widgetkit and ZOO pages were updated too. Apart from the change in design, we have integrated the Widgetkit and ZOO downloads directly to the page. They open up in a modal window, so there is no need to go to another page to download the product.

Account Pages

The account page is now split into different pages for the account settings, password, subscriptions and API key. After you make a purchase, you will be able to download your invoice right from the new billing history page.

Support Page

The support page also underwent sweeping changes. Compared to the old page which focused on hot topics, you can now access the documentation, tutorials and the answers forum – all on one page.

The search section at the top shows search results while typing. These results are divided into tutorials and questions. Our goal is to make sure that you find answers to your questions faster and easier than before.

The new documentation section gives you a quick overview of the different documentations and help guides for our 4 main products: YOOtheme Pro, Warp Themes, Widgetkit and ZOO. Each of them has now a new changelog page, like you might know from the UIkit website.

The tutorials section shows the 10 most upvoted tutorials for each product. This great collection of tutorials is shared by fellow YOOtheme enthusiasts. A huge Thank You to all who share their tutorial here! There is no need for the [TUTORIAL] question prefix. Just tag a question as a tutorial, and it will show up in this section depending on its votes.

Next comes the hot topics section, similar to the one from the old website, with the most upvoted questions for each product. There is also a button to open the answers forum showing the latest questions.

Answers Forum

Our answers forum was also updated and redesigned. It matches the overall clean and minimalistic look of our new website, so you can focus on your question and its answers. The process of asking questions has not changed much, but we have updated the question tags. They are now grouped into 3 different types: Product, System and Category. Unlike before when we had separate tags for each Warp 7 theme, we now have a single Warp 7 tag to reduce the number of tags and reflect our product lineup better. If your question is not a support issue, use one of the category tags: Tutorial, Feature Request or Showcase.

YOOtheme Pro Documentation

The YOOtheme Pro documentation is completely rewritten with over 40 documentation pages. There is everything you need to know about YOOtheme Pro – from beginners' guides and tutorials to our in-depth documentation for developers and experienced users. All pages are available in two different versions – one for WordPress and one for Joomla.

The new Developers section now includes documentation on child themes and adding custom assets like CSS, Less, JavaScript or fonts. You can also learn how to override template files and their layout, add custom elements to the builder and register modules and events to extend YOOtheme Pro with custom PHP code to add new theme settings for example. Discover the real power of YOOtheme Pro and customize everything to make it your own theme.

New Community Chat

We opened a new YOOtheme community chat on Gitter where you can start chatting with fellow YOOtheme users and developers in the community. It's not an official YOOtheme forum, so you might not get an answer from our support team. Use the answers forum for that. Still, we think that it's great since you get to ask other users questions in real-time and help each other out.

What's Coming Next?

As you can see, this relaunch was a huge project, and we are proud we can finally share it. It should now be much easier to find needed information, navigate through the site and understand our products. We also spend a lot of time tweaking the site's page speed to give you a great user experience browsing it.

But that's not all! There is a second update coming in the next weeks, and we are already excited about it! There are also a lot of new features waiting to be finished for YOOtheme Pro, and its development will now really pick up steam. Everything we've learned about page speed in the last weeks will be soon available in YOOtheme Pro and UIkit.

So, what do you think about our new site? Is there anything you would like to improve? Your feedback is really appreciated. Let us know any bugs, so we can fix them right away.


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