New Agency Subscription – VIP Support and Exclusive Premium Expert Benefits

Today we are happy to introduce our new Agency subscription plan for YOOtheme Pro. It's tailored for YOOtheme Pro power users who want to get the best possible support experience and become a YOOtheme Pro premium expert to boost their business visibility and reach. Let's go into details.

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Agency Subscription

The new Theme Agency (529€/year) subscription includes all the benefits from the Developer subscription and additionally comes with:

  • Priority Support
  • Premium Support
  • Premium Expert Listing
  • Featured Posting on Social Media

Priority and Premium Support

If you have many customers, you're constantly facing deadlines that need to be met. The new Agency subscription offers you the fast lane to support. With priority support your questions will jump to the front of the queue and get answered first before anyone else. Our support team will also extend help beyond the usual technical support for YOOtheme Pro. With premium support you will get assistance with small customizations, custom CSS code, hosting and server issues and troubleshooting compatibility with third-party extensions. This will help you save time by solving your problems faster and keep your clients happy.

But that's not all, there are more exclusive benefits.

Premium Expert

Are you already a YOOtheme Pro expert? With the new Agency subscription you can make your business stand out by getting featured as a premium expert on our site. Additionally, you'll have a chance to get featured on our social media channels. Here we will showcase our premium experts with their best client work to our audience across all our social media platforms. Together, this will boost your business's visibility to reach our customers – your potential clients.

Get the VIP Treatment Today

So that's our new Agency subscription plan. With priority and premium support, along with our premium expert listing and social media exposure, you will get the VIP treatment for your business. So if you're ready to give your company a boost, go ahead and upgrade your subscription today.


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