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Warp Framework

A fast and slick theme framework
which provides a rich tool set to
develop cross-platform themes.


Theme development done right!

Create your theme easily, based on a well-engineered framework

Supported systems by the Warp framework

Supported Systems

Warp supports Joomla and WordPress and can be extended to work on other systems.

Develop only once

Develop only once

Themes are easily portable between the supported systems including all features.

The Warp framework is portable and stand-alone

Portable and Stand-alone

Warp is located in its own folder, the same for all systems and it has no dependencies.

The Warp framework is modular and extendible

Modular and Extendible

Only choose the framework tools you need and add new features easily.

The Warp framework is fast and lightweight

Fast and Lightweight

The framework is well designed and coded to provide optimal loading times.

The Warp framework is cutting-edge


Completely built on the latest web techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and PHP 5.2+

Master Theme

Optimized and streamlined to serve as a blueprint
to build your own custom themes

Warp Master Theme Warp Master Theme Screenshot
  • Great starting point to build new themes
  • Learn to use the framework
  • Utilizes all framework features
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress

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Admin User Interface

A clearly arranged user interface focused on simplicity
which integrates perfectly with Joomla and WordPress

  • Profiles

    Choose your default profile.

    IE Upgrade Page

    Recommend a modern browser to IE6 users.

    Tracking Code

    Insert your Google Analytics tracking code.


    Combine, minify, cache and compress CSS and JavaScripts on the fly. Reduce HTTP requests with Data URIs.

    File Verification

    Keep track of all modified or deleted theme files with just one click.

  • New profile

    Create your own profiles by combining the different theme options.

    Layout Options

    Set the overall theme and sidebar widths. Sidebars can be aligned to left or right to create different layouts.

    Assign Profiles

    Assign profiles to different menu items.

    Content Options

    Show or hide date, system output and more.

    Module Options

    Set a different layout for each module position.

Responsive Design

A fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all
device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops

Responsive Design

Fluid Layout

Offers a fluid grid sytem, fluid images and well choosen media query breakpoints to scale for popular device dimensions.

Responsive Navigation

The main menu is automatically converted into a user-friendly select box menu on small screen devices.

Fast and Lightweight

Less than 5KB of CSS and JavaScript do all the work to make a theme completely responsive out of the box.

System Markup

Make proper use of all new HTML5 elements

HTML5 Enriched

The theme and system markup of Joomla and Wordpress is completely HTML5 based.


Uses the same CSS and HTML5 markup for Joomla and Wordpress to simplify development.


The theme markup is well structured and very semantic which is great for search engine optimization.

Lightweight CSS Framework

Provides a rich tool set of useful CSS classes

Grid System

Provides a simple, flexible, reusable grid system which also matches column heights.

Clearing Method

Uses the micro clearfix and no overflow: hidden! This means no clipping of CSS properties like box shadow.

Base Style Sheet

To avoid redundant code we normalize browser inconsistencies, instead of resetting them.

Cross-browser Support

Enables you to build robust and future-proof websites.

Modular Structure

CSS is well structured into separate files each with a specific purpose. Only load what you need.

Latest CSS techniques

Utilizes the full power of CSS 2.1 selectors as well as all the shiny CSS3 stuff.

RTL Support

Full support for right-to-left language localizations in sidebar, module and menu layouts.

Print Style Sheet

Makes your website look great when printed on paper.

Lightweight and modular CSS Framework

JavaScript Effects

Enhanced user experience with unobtrusive scripts at a compact size



All scripts are lightweight and based on jQuery - the worlds most popular JavaScript library.

Easy Customization

All scripts are flexible and modular, which allows you to enable and disable effects as you like.

Ajax Search

Get instant search results while you are typing, with the built in Ajaxed search field.

HTML5 Shim

Enables all HTML5 elements for older Internet Explorers prior version 9.

Mega Drop Down Menu

Supports different slide transitions for the drop down effect and remains visible when the mouse leaves unintentionally.

Accordion Menu

Adds a smooth sliding effect when opening the sub menu items on your sidebar navigation.

Fancy Menu

It adds an animated background element which highlights the hovered main menu item with a fading or sliding effect.

Smooth Scroll

Scroll smoothly to a section of a page when clicking named anchors in your HTML markup.

Sidebar and Module Layouts

The Warp framework comes with a broad range of layout options

Warp Layout Positions

Module Layouts

The blue module positions allow to choose a module layout which defines the module alignment and proportions: equal, double or stack. You can easily add your own module layouts.

Sidebar Layouts

The two available sidebars, highlighted in red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set in the theme administration.

Module Style

For modules in the blue and red positions you can choose different module styles.

Warp Layout Options

Create custom theme styles

Styles are child themes which inherit or override
resources from the default theme

Custom Styles

Load needed resources from the default theme


Load needed resources from the framework

Warp Framework

Load resources which are not provided by the main theme directly from the framework

Warp Speed, Engage!

Combine, minify, cache and compress CSS and JavaScripts
on the fly. Reduce HTTP requests with Data URIs.

Warp Speed