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Widgetkit 1.4 Update

The new Twitter API and its aftermath


Widgetkit 1.4 comes with a bunch of bug fixes and one big change in our Twitter widget: We're now supporting Twitter OAuth.

What's Twitter OAuth?

In the past every developer was able to access the public Twitter API without authentication. But as Twitter announced, the API is going to change within the next couple of weeks. Due to the upcoming API change, every application will now need an OAuth key for each request. To meet the upcoming shutdown of the old API, we have already updated our Twitter widget.

What does this mean for you?

To deal with the new API, you now need to register your Twitter widget as an application in Twitter. Follow these steps to get an Twitter API Key and user access token:

  • Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new and log in with your regular Twitter account, if necessary.
  • After submitting the form, you'll see your consumer key and consumer secret.
  • Click on "Your access token" to generate the access token that represents your own account's relationship with the application.
  • Copy the indicated values into your Twitter widget/module settings.

We hope that this is a practical way to hit Twitters new restrictions. We are sorry for the difficulties due to the new authentication process and stay tuned for your feedback.

By Malte | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (25)

  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Thank yoo guys for staying one step ahead on this...

    The WidgetKit Twitter module is great and again, thank yoo for making the changes needed! :)
  • felipe.zubieta


    | Profile |
    very good.
  • ugo.pagotto


    | Profile |
    It is an excellent step forward! yoothanks..
  • bernd.guenter.75


    | Profile |
    Yes, works.
  • conconnl


    | Profile |
    It works.
    Many thanks
  • jesper.knudstrup.89


    | Profile |

    Not working for me. Which keys do tou copy into Joomla

  • jesper.knudstrup.89


    | Profile |
    Working now.

  • faliu.lionel


    | Profile |
    It works,
    thx a lot
  • eyescream


    | Profile |
    It works great on two website with past problems !!

    You rocks !!
  • nicholas.arnesen


    | Profile |
    I want to make some of the default frontend text into norwegian, but I cannot find an english language files which has the lines I wanna change.
    In the bottom of each tweet it now says something like this:
    by Twittername about 3 hours ago
    Where can I change this to?
    Is it possible to get a correct timestamp hours:minutes
  • lise.harribey


    | Profile |
    It works very well
    thanks a lot ;)
  • dirval


    | Profile |
    It works very well
    thanks a lot ;)
  • besim.kosova


    | Profile |
    it works!
  • jordi.gallejones


    | Profile |
    anyone can guide me in the form
  • logan.murphy


    | Profile |
    Thx for the support! I'll have to subscribe to the RSS now so I can stay on top of your changes.. I was getting frustrated that this wasn't working

  • bigtuner


    | Profile |
    Hello Everyone

    WidgetKit Twitter module renders a nice bubble, scrolls, all that. But if I choose the hashtag, I get

    The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.

    Is there an update I missed or what?

    I've placed the WidgetKit with the error on the following page. Right below it is a working twitter feed.

  • marcel.mulders


    | Profile |
    I filled in all the access tokens and now I get:

    Twitter response: "Could not authenticate you"

    What am I doing wrong? Joomla 2.5.11 and WidgetKit 1.4.
    • hoynck


      | Profile |
      That is exactly what I got. See my comment below about @Anywhere domains.
  • hoynck


    | Profile |
    For dummies like me.

    Well, I managed to fill out the form (gave the app a name "Widget Yootheme", a brief description, my website url with "http://", and left the call back url blank).
    After that I could create all 4 demanded codes - which I used in my Yootheme Twitter/Widget modules. But after submitting no tweets showed up on my webpage.
    It took a while before this dummie realized there was another thing I had to do on the Twitter Developpers page: under the tab "@Anywhere domains" you also have to "authorize" your own webpage to show the tweets.
    After that it all worked smooth. Hope this extra instruction will save some other dummies a bit of time and frustration.
  • yolanda.pugh


    | Profile |
    If you see that you had filled things in incorrectly the first time but NOW you know how to fill them in correctly, and you took the steps to add the consumer secret, auth, etc. to your widgetkit and you are still having trouble then try once more filling in all the fields the correct way, i.e. refilling them in applying everything you have learned through help from user forums (like this one) and THEN after filling everything in correctly, go to the "Reset Keys" tab, click reset, it will ask if you are sure, say yes - then use the consumer token, secret, auth code, and secret that you are given AFTER having filled all the other fields in the right way - worked for me AND I'M SO HAPPY!! Hope this helps someone.
  • per.fransman


    | Profile |
    Good guide and since Im not a web developer but understand the security updates however, YOOtheme, please start emailing about these things =)
  • david.dahl


    | Profile |
    It's been six months since this change was made. Why isn't it in the Widgetkit documentation yet?
  • alexander.coulstring


    | Profile |
    Would of been nice to have this part of the documentation to be easyier to find.
  • fiona.aitken


    | Profile |
    Hi folks,

    I just subscribed today and am having trouble with this. Twitter gave me the following:

    App-only authentication https://api.twitter.com/oauth2/token
    Request token URL https://api.twitter.com/oauth/request_token
    Authorize URL https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize
    Access token URL https://api.twitter.com/oauth/access_token

    I'm just a but unsure of which fields to place these in within the module. Can anyone help me?

  • fiona.aitken


    | Profile |
    Fixed it - sorry for asking!

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