Widgetkit 2.3 – New Slider, Slideset and Parallax widgets

Here we are again with a huge update: Widgetkit 2.3! It has only been a month since we've released Widgetkit 2.2 which introduced a new, improved user interface. This time we've focused on new widgets and content providers as well as adding features our community voted for. As you could guess by our latest UIkit 2.19 release the current widget line-up will be joined by a new Slider, Slideset and Parallax widget as well as a new content provider for folders.


The Slideset is the last missing popular widget from Widgetkit 1 and it's finally here. It allows you to create groups of content to navigate and loop through with different animations. The Slideset is completely responsive and conveniently realigns the items on smaller viewports.

Widgetkit 2.3 Slideset

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The Slider is a completely new widget. Similar to the Slideset, it allows to display larger amounts of content items. The Slider shows a row of items that you can scroll through - one item at a time. It also features a center mode which helps you to achieve a cover-flow like effect.

Widgetkit 2.3 Slider

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With the parallax Widget, it is now possible to create a simple image parallax effect out of the box. You can also enrich your website with a stylish parallax effect for the overlaying text.

Widgetkit 2.3 Parallax

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Folder Content Provider

We've listened to your requests and added a content provider to automatically use all images from a specific folder as your content items. This offers an easy way to dynamically fill widgets like the Gallery with large amounts of images. The new folder provider is perfect when you just want to drop images on your server and use the file name as the content item's title.

Features and Improvements

Most widgets now allow to overlay an image with a second one by fading it in on hover. This really enriches the hover effects on your website.

There is a new option to open links in a new window. You will find it on the General settings page of any widget. The accordion has a new option to close the first item initially. The ZOO ordering is fixed and the ordering can now be reversed. The list goes on and on... There are a lot of fixes and improvements to discover.

Next Release

We've also started working on Twitter integration but haven't quite finished it for the 2.3 release. Stay tuned, we're on it.

We are really happy about the speedy update cycle and we will continue to improve Widgetkit and add new features. Please let us know if there is a bug or anything that is still missing. We are looking forward to your feedback!


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