Widgetkit 2.4 – New Twitter content provider

Today we are proud to announce the latest Widgetkit release, which includes the long awaited Twitter integration and a few smaller additions and fixes. With the new Twitter content provider, you can now display tweets in any of the existing widget types.


You've been asking for it and of course we wouldn't let you down. Widgetkit now supports Twitter as a content provider. In order for this to work, you first need to authenticate yourself with the Twitter API. This can be done at the bottom of the settings panel of each widget employing a Twitter content provider.

To get started, create a new widget and select the type Twitter. Displaying Twitter content makes most sense when combining it with a simple Grid widget. However, if your account includes a lot of images, you might also try the Grid Stack or even a Gallery widget. If your tweets contain location data, make sure to try combining it with the Map widget. Just play around with the available options and see what works best on your site.

Widget Filtering

The list of widgets can now be filtered by widget type. This makes managing large sites with many widgets a lot easier.

Have fun with the new features and tell us what you think. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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