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Widgetkit 2.4 released

New Twitter content provider

Widgetkit 2.4 released

Today we are proud to announce the latest Widgetkit release, which includes the long awaited Twitter integration and a few smaller additions and fixes. With the new Twitter content provider, you can now display tweets in any of the existing widget types.


You've been asking for it and of course we wouldn't let you down. Widgetkit now supports Twitter as a content provider. In order for this to work, you first need to authenticate yourself with the Twitter API. This can be done at the bottom of the settings panel of each widget employing a Twitter content provider.

To get started, create a new widget and select the type Twitter. Displaying Twitter content makes most sense when combining it with a simple Grid widget. However, if your account includes a lot of images, you might also try the Grid Stack or even a Gallery widget. If your tweets contain location data, make sure to try combining it with the Map widget. Just play around with the available options and see what works best on your site.

Widget Filtering

The list of widgets can now be filtered by widget type. This makes managing large sites with many widgets a lot easier.

Have fun with the new features and tell us what you think. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

By Florian | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (16)

  • bdthemes


    | Profile |
    Very good :) When lite version coming? and also waiting... for Warp 8
  • joerg


    | Profile |
    Neither the Joomla Demo nor the WordPress Demo link shows a sample of the new twitter support? Do I miss anything in this blog article here?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Maybe you wouldn't notice ;-) Any of the widget content of the demo pages could be pulled from tweets...

      But you are right. An example where you can see how it looks if the content is provided from Twitter would be nice. We have also on our todo list to create some very simple widgets, like a list, which are useful for Twitter content.
  • robert.hackford


    | Profile |
    Cool I missed this, I've just set it up on my site in development and it's looking good. Is there any way to display the profile image next to the tweets? like in widgetkit 1
  • sebastian.hasse


    | Profile |
    Great, I really love Widgetkit! :) Will the polaroid effect have a comeback?
  • vienna.constables


    | Profile |

    When i enter my twitter api code, the save and save & close button are greyed and thats it. i cant do anything more. :-(
    Is there a Docu how to set up twitter?
    • hendrik


      | Profile |
      Hi, you need to enter a name for the widget to save it.
  • michele.jordan


    | Profile |
    Any chance this version added autoplay to the Switcher?
  • getyoowoo


    | Profile |
    Maybe some usefull future features:

    - Pagination (in order to complety replace Joomla cat/blog view)
    - Use font awesome icons as images

    Big +1 for the way you guys handle these things btw :)
  • andre.a.lavrinenko


    | Profile |

    I installed the shelf template on an existing Joomla 3x (the latest) installation but the Widget key is missing and i didn't found a standalone version.

    Any ideas pleas?
  • claes.norin


    | Profile |
    We made a plugin so you can use Virtuemart 3 as content provider for Widgetkit 2. Check DEMO here: http://widgetkit.vmuikit.com/
  • mariolgr


    | Profile |
    I can use the "Widgetkit> Gallery" to show my instagram images?
  • bernardo.sanchez.gutierrez


    | Profile |
    Hi, I'm using widgetkit 2 and I need to load joomla's article title and content into a slideshow's caption like widgetkit 1. How can do that?

    if you have a little instructions can me help.
  • michele.jordan


    | Profile |
    Is an Autoplay function for switchers in the future at all?
  • mharst


    | Profile |
    Wondering when such a solutions is made for FaceBook posts
  • jason.jones.76


    | Profile |
    I asked for docs on creating a popover in support forum, not much help there.

    Then I installed an 'avanti' site thinking there would be a popver for me to dissect and learn. No such luck. Any advice here? THanks..

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