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Edge Theme

April 2016 YOOtheme club theme

Edge Theme

Back from the Easter holidays we are excited to present Edge, our April 2016 release. This theme comes with loads of useful features. For example, with our new additional block options you can align whole sections to the left or right. This offers entirely new possibilities for a variable and refreshing layout. Three custom widget plugins, a lot of attention to detail and a light, typography oriented design make it perfect for any blog or magazine website.

Custom Widgets

Edge theme comes with Widgetkit 2, our handy content creator toolkit. Apart from the default widget plugins, we've included a custom Slideshow Panel, Slider and a Slideshow widget.

Slideshow Panel

This Slideshow Panel widget automatically applies an offset to the content panel, so that it overlaps the image. Media can be placed at the left, right or top of the content.

Edge Slideshow Panel


The Slider Edge allows you to select a custom button that will be displayed inside the overlay. You can also display and link each item's title in its overlay.

Edge Slider


The custom Slideshow widget doesn't make use of the tradition overlay. Instead content will be displayed inside a panel on top of the image, which can be align to the left or right.

Edge Slideshow

Adaptive navbar

Edge theme features four different layouts for the main navigation. The menu can be centered and aligned to the left or right and it can be centered with the logo above the menu. You can set the navbar fixed, so it will stay at the top of the browser window when scrolling. Additionally, you can extend the dropdown to the width of the entire browser window.

Edge Navigation

Block Appearance

Each widget/module position of Edge theme can be styled differently. You can apply different background colors and vertical paddings and remove horizontal padding. Each block can have a default, large or full width layout. To add an interesting and varied touch to this theme, blocks can be aligned to the left or right.

Edge Block Layouts

Blog Layout

Of course we've also added a special blog layout. It places the featured image on alternating sides of the content. The title and meta data of the article are enhanced with a border that slightly overlaps the image.

Edge Blog


Edge theme comes with 6 style presets and a number of useful utility classes and theme components that will help you arrange your content. For a full list of these classes and a more detailed overview of the theme's features, check out the Theme page.

  • Slideshow Panel Slider and Slideshow widgets
  • 4 different navbar layouts with many options
  • Different block appearance settings
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

By Lisanne | | Posted in Themes

Comments (46)

  • moloseb


    | Profile |
  • ryan.jones


    | Profile |
    I used to get excited when themes were coming out, I could see possibilities for using them on projects. Now, month after month, I am just like.. meh...
    • firzen


      | Profile |
      Same here...
      • adamo


        | Profile |
        yop.. for me, again the same.. no design at all.. all flat and all the same. again. just some slides styles and widgets layouts.. when you started with flat themes somewere in 2013 it was nice.. but now.. its still the same over and over again... sry but i have to say.
        • coreyallen


          | Profile |
          6 months. The last time I was impressed with a theme I could imagine using is 6 months.
          The last time a theme was released that I actually used? 8 months.
    • christian.tischler


      | Profile |
      I agree.
  • orsat.munitic


    | Profile |
    I am maybe holding you guys unfairly to higher standards than I do other template providers, but I cant help the disappointment with yet another template
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    hmmm..., hope you used the time instead to launch warp 8 and a REALLY GOOD May theme...
  • jobadoo


    | Profile |
    Me too disapoint when open today the demo and see again an other not realy usable theme, when you will give a reaction to the market and bring out some themes for buiseness, sport, news and some included e-commerce solution like you provide on wordpress.
  • igor.pashchenko


    | Profile |
    i like it
  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    When I looking at the website, I have a bad feeling because the left-right arrangement. For me it does not look harmonious.
  • genezis


    | Profile |
    any chance to make sticky navbar on mobile?
  • lisanne


    | Profile |
    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate any constructive criticism that helps us improve our products. I would like to comment on some points that were made here today.

    First of all, I would like to mention that a lot of time and thought goes into every template we make. From first research to the final release we put several months of work into each product. It is also important for us to deliver unique features and follow current trends. Right now, these involve mostly light, minimalist and typography oriented designs. Still, we put a lot of love into details, like the text borders, animations, buttons and so on and adjust all of it to look beautiful on every style and background.

    Edge comes with a lot of useful options that may not be apparent right away, but that allow you to create layouts in a way that hasn’t been possible with any theme we’ve created before. With the option to align sections and the navigation to the left or right, you can create interesting and unique layouts based on the golden section model. An approach, which we are actually quite proud of and that makes the theme incredibly flexible and unique.

    Also, the border styling of titles and panels is a well thought out feature. We’ve taken special care for the offset to work perfectly on different screen sizes and in different directions. It reappears in lots of elements throughout the theme to give it a recognition value despite the minimalism.

    Make sure to check out the Theme page as well, as it explains all the unique features of Edge in more detail. http://yootheme.com/demo/themes/joomla/2016/edge/index.php/features

    All the best
    • coreyallen


      | Profile |
      Thanks so much for replying Lisanne. it means a lot. I think the frustration is less about this particular theme but the use cases for the last 6 months of theme releases or so.
      While I have no doubt these themes would be very helpful to a lot of people, my client base would need to change from non-profits, small finance firms and small businesses to art galleries and hipster clothing lines to be able to use them without a lot of manual changes in styling. In the past themes seemed to vary in style and purpose from month to month. Perhaps this is where the market is going and there is more demand for these types and I'm completely blinded by my own client work. I'd gladly pay more for a wider variety of theme styles.
      I know the good people at YooTheme can do it and I hope you don't think it's a slight at the people themselves but rather a feeling of frustration and worry that I may not get to use any of the themes I'm paying for. Thankfully there's a lot of older themes here I can still use.
    • jakob.gede


      | Profile |
      Thank you Lisanne, the longer one is engaged in the template, the more fall great, beautiful and many options of layout to light.
      This (and the other themes) giv me so much of options for design. I am happy to be able to know you and use your beautifull products!!!
    • adamo


      | Profile |
      hi @lisanne. i appreciate your comment as well.. to clear my point of view.. i love your work. love the uikit, widgetkit, warp, zoo.. your products are the best combination of workflow for me.. i love all of the works that its inside of these products.. and i also love your design style.. im with you for more than 5 years and you did a great templates for all of us.. i understand that every template needs a lot of works.. but. what i dont like now is, that all templates have the same first-look style.. all flat. no borders, no shadows, no unique design elements.. yours templates are great for many of my clients but there are still a lot of clients where i just cant use them.. they need something more "design" and unique.. i dont know, for example.. your old explorer theme with its styles.. try make something like this responsive and with uikit.. thats a challenge :) check your old themes.. everyone looks so different.. i know its very old design but they are still clients who want more than flat colors design.. i hope my opinion can help you better understand my first feedback.. i write here not because i want to let your work down, but to give you feedback so you can do even better :) thanks for all your work
    • cori.fowler


      | Profile |
      I would like to say that I am very, very impressed with the Yootheme TEAM and the work you put into your templates. As a web development company you guys make it easy with every template for me to worry about the cosmetics while you handle the robust back engine and the Warp framework. The past few months have been great and I have different customers for each one! Thanks for being our partners.
  • kurt.dorne


    | Profile |
    You should check the template on iPad. Some cleaning to be done there.
    Example : header banner text with hyphen. On horizontal iPad nothing interesting to see on banner photo when page is loaded. Paralax settings need to be adjusted for iPad.
  • ignus.digital


    | Profile |
    This theme lacks quality, can't see a project I can use this...
  • doguz


    | Profile |
    I appreciate yootheme thinking outside the box, quite literally on this one. But this just looks like the css hasn't loaded properly.

    But it's still good that you have the option to 'centre' everything again.

    Pass on this one. I look forward to MAY.
  • greenparrot


    | Profile |

    When i first saw the theme i thought it was Yootheme's April fools joke, still remember (and laugh at) the Mega April 2011 theme ( https://yootheme.com/blog/2011/04/01/mega-template) I really don't like the theme, the gradient on the menu items is dreadful.

    However, i have liked and used many of your recent themes, so i'll pass on this one but keep up the good work, looking forward to next months
  • cassandra.leone


    | Profile |
    Love YOO folks and have for years but...

    The last few templates haven't really inspired me as overalls to want to rush out and add a template sub to my Zoo/Widgetkit subs.

    It really seems you guys have left color behind. Granted, we pushed back a bit at the overuse of parallax for example, but it's when you guys take risks that you really shine.

    These last few have been very dry.

    Now.. that said there are, of course elements that are great. I tend to strip the widgets out of even my least favorite of your templates for use with other older templates.

    But if you want my return template business.. YOO guys need to sweep me off my feet again.

    Thanks for all YOO do!
  • felipe.zubieta.7


    | Profile |
    I loved it.The new features are very subtle, but very original and design-wise one step ahead in my opinion. Incredibly clean but with style.
  • marco.piatti


    | Profile |
    Ci sono molti modi di essere originali: alcuni giusti, altri sbagliati...
    • joso


      | Profile |
      What does it mean?.. please in english
      • al.cube


        | Profile |
        "The are many ways to be original; some right, some wrong..." :)
  • peter.vejrum.terp


    | Profile |
    I will join the chorus of disappointed customers.

    I didn't like this template first I thought it was an aprils fool. It might just be my taste with this template, but my biggest problem is that it has been a long time since a really useful template was published.

    Most templates is as more people say hipster templates for photographers, art designers, clothes stores and hip bloggers.

    I would really love some templates targeting much more different customers. It would be nice if one month was targeting lawyers, another was targeting dentists, another targeting a online toy store.

    What I'm trying to advertise is that more diversity in templates so we can use them to our customers.

    I love your templates you do a great job, but they also needs to be useful for my customers.
    • florian


      | Profile |
      Hi Peter,

      What exactly would constitute a "dentist theme" for you? The way I see it the demo is just an example presentation. The theme itself is white and clean, I think with the dentist's logo and the content it will fit perfectly for any medical website.

      I think that way you can get more interesting websites than using off-the-shelf demo content for a dentist that would then be used by every other website out there.

      Alternatively, what would you list as a must-have feature for i.e. a dentist, or a lawyer website?

      • peter.vejrum.terp


        | Profile |
        A company like a dentist, aninmal clinic or similar doesn't wants less big pictures and lots of focus on trust.

        A site like many of the templates you have created for some time is much more focusing on selling designer stuff. A medical clinic or similar has focus on trust and being clean. I do agree that your templates has been very clean, that is a good part of it.

        As go for lawyers and similar - for them it is more than anything else very important that they are trustworthy and that don't try to be too fancy. Most lawyers want a downscale in colors and not too many pictures.

        I don't say that you miss features - I say that the templates has a different look and not necessarily "important business". I would love to use your templates if I was selling designer clothes, having a cafee or restaurant.

        That is just my opinion.
        • cassandra.leone


          | Profile |
          I'm somewhat surprised at your take on this. This theme and the last several like it seem almost pointed at the professional crowd.

          Sure it has giant screen coming in but overall the looks and feels are very buttoned down. Frankly, that has been the root of my issue of late.

          Avanit, Avion and Sun are all strong sites that lend themselves to the "professional" vibe.
          • peter.vejrum.terp


            | Profile |
            I understand what you say..

            I have actually used Avanti for at dentist site and it worked ok. But what i preach about is diversity.

            There are a lot of different types of customers out there. Some are more clinic like, come are even more boring like lawyers (sorry lawyers) and some needs a online shop etc. The focus seems to be on only a few different types and that is a problem.

            I am one of the lucky ones who have used YooTheme for some years now and therefore can change the themes look and feel quite a lot.

            If I was new to YooTheme I would lean a lot more on what the theme shows me and I would have a big problem creating what I want.

            Another issue is that many of the themes is mostly based on widgetkit and some styling made with UI Kit HTML inside widgets. This gives many of my customers problems - they simple can't edit their own content.

            It would be great if they used more time on showing how to do stuff in the templates - maybe a launch a really basic theme like the Nano themes. And explained into the bone how to do stuff. That would in many cases be much more usefull than a new theme a month.

            I love the look on the templates, they have something that most other themes doesn't have. I really hope that the YooTheme listens to the critics on this theme release and put some of the great ideas that people has posted into action.
  • greg.van


    | Profile |
    I love this theme. It has a unique look and is very flexible. I also find many of Yoo Themes templates are unique. Yes… some have similarities but every so do themes from other template clubs. My clients demand clean, flexible, and fast loading websites. If you look at other new websites, they have those common threads. The days of websites with graphic overkill and hideous navigation are over. With a littler creativity I can do that with Yoo Themes products. If I am a consumer and I go to a restaurant website, do I care if the website is 100% different from every other website on the web? No… I want a website that is clean, fast, and easy to navigate. Does this mean I think every website should look exactly the same? Not at all. The logo, content, and creative skills of the designer makes it unique. As a business owner do you want your customers to think a website is clean, professional, and contains the information they need or do you want them to say that website was really cool but it was hard to navigate or not responsive? Anyway I am very happy with the amazing work YT provides for me. From sweet templates, powerful framework, to great tools like Widgetkit!
  • kjl99


    | Profile |
    In general - I love Widgetkit, and it's capabilities. It's really grown and expanded, and continues to be a great tool. I do feel that this theme has really missed the mark. People are commenting that the CSS hasn't loaded properly, but it's just the design of the theme. This is a bit disappointing. I realize effort and research has been put into this, which I appreciate. However, I think something along the way went astray.
  • yoosh


    | Profile |
    screen resolution: 1366x768
    hi there,
    i like this discussion going on here.
    as i can follow the disappointments i also can follow the excitement about the things yootheme is doing.
    but, in my eyes, the fact that some themes are not working well out of the box for a screen resolution of 1366x768 is not satisfying.
    here in EDGE it is the first page of the demo. the EDGE widgets don't show responsive behaviour to the height (the demo is just not suitable for this very popular screen resolution) - and in this way, the standard demo-install needs a lot of work to look 'pretty' - not everyone uses 1920x1080 displays.
    is it too much to expect that yootheme takes a look on this while developing a theme ?
    best wishes and keep going on to surprise us.
    thanks a lot.
  • mohammad.rahman


    | Profile |
    The theme looks nice. But like several others have pointed out, it feels the same as the lat dozen : (

    How about this:

    Take a break from making themes for a month or two. Make video tutorials of editing and customizing your templates, Widgetkit, and Zoo applications. Teach people how to be creative like you.

    After returning to YOO after a few years, I feel YOO has felt comfortable with the idea that everyone knows it well and can customize however and whatever. It could be a good idea to keep the newbies and novices in mind. This might also make better business sense.

    Please consider this suggestion. It could be more useful for more people to learn to customize things, rather than have similar new templates every month.

    Still love YOO!
    • cassandra.leone


      | Profile |
      I actually like this idea.

      I feel there are a number of gaps in the documentation of late as development outstrips documentation.

      Also it would be nice if you stepped back and took some time to look at the larger feature requests for Zoo and Widgetkit. Surely we're due a new Zoo app or two?

  • joso


    | Profile |
    I think edge theme is very interesting, is clean and straightforward. it has well-defined graphic schemes and offers the opportunity to propose ideas without being monotonous.

    Although I must say the truth, always I love YOOtheme products, with the zoo and withgetkit.
    But the best templates have been made in the period of warp 6 framework.
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    Whilst at first viewing this template may look a little boring, what I have found with many of the newer templates is that if you spend a bit of time looking at the features and looking through the template framework (and the layout options it provides), that they in fact offer many many options for your projects. Warp 7 / uikit's strength lays in it's flexibility and ability to be easily customised.

    Although Edge doesn't excite me to look at I have every faith that once I spend a bit of time on it, it will be very usable.

    One thing I would LOVE to see is a new Grid widget for Widgetkit 2, that works in the same way as the 'mosaic' module worked on the old Moreno template. Please can you consider it guys? Thanks very much :)

    I have added it as a feature request through the support forum too. Giving us all of these widgets allows for the extra cusomtisation options to layout etc, which would help address what a lot of people are asking for (that are complaining about this template). Thanks

  • zahmundzornig


    | Profile |
    Thanx for your great work! I love the Yootheme things and the templates give us great opportunities for individual designs.

    BUT (there are a lot "but´s" in this topic...)

    I agree with the reviews, that the past designs are seems very similar and fancy. We have a lot of clients where we need more "design" in the template. Flat design is nice, white space is nice, big pictures are nice... but they looks all like fancy hipster fashion websites. I miss templates for classic business companys or industry business. Not edgy, more a high professional "conservative" style. More compact structure, a LITTLE BIT more frames, shadows, glow and gradiant. I.e. I would love Everest or Lava in a new, modern interpretation.

    Looking forward to May and June! :)
  • b01.tom


    | Profile |
    I have to say that this is yet another widgetkit demo, not a CMS template.
    I can imagine a site full with fancy widgets does impress people but we still need to work with a CMS here and not static HTML placed in modules all over the place. When you strip widgetkit away there is not much left.
    • cassandra.leone


      | Profile |
      This is especially problematic for those of us who design for users who want to then handle their content in an ongoing manner. Widgetkit isn't extraordinarily front end input friendly.
  • joshgilson


    | Profile |
    I'm just here for the comments.
  • pmarty


    | Profile |
    Same feeling about the lack of Joomla e-commerce integration.
    Please consider the great component Hikashop, for example!
    • pwessels


      | Profile |
      It will be really nice , I that the new RS Form Pro can use the Yootheme Form CSS files. Thats actaully nice. But to make yoothemes more accommodating with uikit or yoothemes will be great
      • schmallegger


        | Profile |
        i use the Sun Theme and Virtuemart - it works fine!
  • pmarty


    | Profile |
    Hope it works fine :) But I guess you had to tune the css in order to be really compliant with the template.
    It should be already done for a shopping solution for Joomla as it is done with WooCommerce for Wordpress

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