Translating YOOtheme Pro – We need your help

  • Olivia
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Last week we presented YOOtheme Pro 1.3. Apart from new features and bugfixes, this release also comes with German translations for the administration and the front-end. Of course, we want to make YOOtheme Pro available in more languages. This is where we need your support.

To manage the YOOtheme Pro localizations, we decided to use OneSky, a platform for working cooperatively on localization. Here you can help us translate YOOtheme Pro, its administration as well as the Joomla and WordPress front-end. If you're interested in participating, you can contribute using the OneSky application. It's free and easy to join. The built-in editor provides a side-by-side translation for each phrase without having to upload a file.

Information on how to sign up and get started with OneSky can be found in our documentation.

We are grateful for any contribution, so just head over and start your translation! Upcoming YOOtheme Pro releases will include the new translations. If there are any questions left, feel free to leave us a comment below. Any help is much appreciated.


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