Creative Hub Theme for YOOtheme Pro

Let's welcome our new theme package for YOOtheme Pro – Creative Hub. It is a company directory filled with 135+ demo posts. Creative Hub showcases companies in well structured grids styled as cards. In addition, linear text gradients give the site a playful, vivid look. With its modern, material style, vibrant colors and thick typography, Creative Hub is a versatile theme, perfect for agencies, portfolios or any other creative business websites. Let's dive in.

Page Layouts

Creative Hub is a company directory website which comes with 10 different layouts. The companies styled as cards on muted sections are grouped in three-column grids with two-column grids used to emphasize featured companies. Additionally, the subnav used on all category pages ensures easy navigation between categories both for companies and news. This gives Creative Hub a clean, organized look while a newsletter sign-up as well as a call to action draw attention of the site visitors.

Home Layout


Companies Layout


Company Category Layout

Company Category

Company Index Layout

Company Featured

Company Post Layout

Company Post

Post Index Layout

Post Index

Post Category Layout

Post Category

Post Layout


About Layout


Get Listed Layout

Get Listed

Now let's take a look at all layouts in detail.

Page Type Description
Home Page Presents companies, latest and featured articles in different sections. There are project slideshows of featured companies at the top and bottom of the page.
Companies Page Shows an overview of all companies in 3-column grid layouts. Starts with teasing the latest two featured companies.
Company Category Template Shows an overview of all sub categories as well as all companies from the category in a 3-column grid layout.
Company Featured Template Shows an overview of all sub categories as well as all featured companies in a 2-column grid layout.
Company Post Template Shows the company with further information about it, contact possibilities, services, projects and clients as well as related companies.
Post Index Template Shows an overview of all sub categories as well as all news in a varied grid layout switching between one column and three columns.
Post Category Template Shows an overview of all sub categories as well as all news from the category in 3-column grid layouts. Starts with teasing the latest two articles.
Post Template Introduces the post with its title followed by the meta data, author's name and the post image.
About Page Introduces company's philosophy, team and publications.
Get Listed Page Displays the benefits of joining the company directory and FAQ.

Mind that the Company Index template is not listed here and is not available in the layout library because it's a copy of the Company Category template with slightly different content.


Our new theme has a material style with box shadows and vivid colors. Multicolored gradients on headings, primary cards and buttons are complemented by a darker secondary color and give the site a playful, exciting look. Rounded buttons and thick headlines contrast with edged borders and thin text typography. This all makes Creative Hub a perfect fit for a creative business website.

Default Style

In addition to the default style, Creative Hub comes with 5 other style variations, each with a different beautiful color scheme. With a bright primary color with vibrant gradients, and in some style variations a colorful secondary color, Creative Hub will definitely add some summer feeling to any site. Just choose the one that fits your website best.

White-Green Style

White Green

White-Purple Style

White Purple

White-Blue Style

White Blue

White-Orange Style

White Orange

White-Turquoise Style

White Turquoise

Content Types and Custom Fields

Creative Hub comes with pages and templates for companies filled with 135+ demo posts. In Joomla this content type is created by assigning custom fields to the Companies category, which in WordPress Company custom post type is used.


Companies are organized in a one-level category hierarchy. There are 111 companies sorted into 5 categories: Full-Service, Design, Development, E-Commerce and Marketing. The company category has no custom fields.

The company post type has 12 custom fields which are dynamically mapped into category and single post templates.

Company Field Type (J) Type (WP) Description
Intro Image - image The company intro image
Logo media image Company logo
Street text text Company address
City text text Company address
Country text text Company address
E-Mail text text Company email address
Phone text text Company phone number
Website URL URL A link to company's website
Socials repeatable repeater A list to social profiles with title and link fields
Services list select A list of company's services
Projects repeatable repeater A list of company's projects with title, description, image, image alt text, services and link fields
Clients repeatable repeater A list of company's clients with the title field


Creative Hub also has templated magazine posts grouped into 4 categories: News, Inspiration, Events and Interviews. The magazine category has no additional custom fields. However, we added two custom fields for the user in Joomla: Image and Image Alt text grouped under Author field group. In WordPress the default profile picture is used.

User Field Type (J!) Description
Image media User image
Image Alt Text text User image alt text

By the way, the default post type in WordPress received another custom field that shows the intro image in the blog overview.

Post Field Type (WP) Description
Intro Image image The teaser image of the post

3rd Party Integrations

To get the same result in the WordPress and Joomla demo packages, we are using several 3rd party plugins. For more information on all pre-installed and activated plugins, take a look at the installation documentation for Joomla and WordPress.

Free Quality Stock Images

Creative Hub comes with 235+ lovingly curated and free-to-use images. Take a look at some of them below. These images can be found in the Creative Hub collection in the Unsplash library.

More than 235 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

Important Notes

Currently, the Creative Hub layouts are not available in the layout library. This is because their content is loaded dynamically, and most of the mapped custom fields, content sources or handpicked articles and categories will not be available in your installation. The layouts will be released together with YOOtheme Pro 2.1 next week. The beta is coming today.

Now go ahead and explore our Creative Hub theme. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Company directory site with 135+ demo posts
  • 10 page builder layouts
  • 6 beautiful styles
  • 2 content types and 14 custom fields
  • 235+ lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • Powered by the YOOtheme Pro page builder
  • Available as WordPress theme and Joomla template


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