Getting YOOtheme Pro up and running takes no longer than a minute.

Install YOOtheme Pro into your existing WordPress site or start with one of our thematic demo websites. They are available as WordPress demo packages and include YOOtheme Pro and the corresponding theme demo content. This is great if you don't want to start from scratch or if you would like to have a peek at how everything is put together. After the installation you can start modifying the demo website with all the layouts, images and style.

YOOtheme Pro Theme

Download the YOOtheme Pro theme and install it by following the official WordPress theme installation instructions.

Install WordPress theme

WordPress Demo Packages

Browse the Themes page and download one of the WordPress demo packages Unzip it to your web server directory. Now just follow the regular WordPress installation instructions.


Some Wordpress demo packages contain the Jetpack plugin, which is used to assign widgets to different pages. The plugin is already installed and configured, but it needs to be activated. Watch our dedicated tutorial on Jetpack in the widget visibility documentation.


To enable 1-click updates for YOOtheme Pro and to load layouts from the library, you have to register your YOOtheme API key. Read the updating documentation for more information.

YOOtheme Pro Documentation