This page answers a number of frequently asked questions and known problems.

If you are having trouble or issues with your theme, this can have numerous causes. First, our built-in system check in the theme settings will automatically detect and inform you of common issues.

Why can't I save the theme configuration?

This might be due to file permission issues. Please take a look at this tutorial for more information.

Why can't I save the theme configuration after renaming the theme?

When renaming the theme directory /THEME-NAME, you also need to adjust the path set in the theme's templateDetails.xml to make sure the addpath attribute matches your theme's directory.

<fields name="params" addfieldpath="/templates/THEME-NAME/...">

Why are the theme settings not styled?

This is caused by JavaScript conflicts in the administration area. Most likely another jQuery library is being loaded by a 3rd party extension or plugin. Please read the documentation on JavaScript errors to resolve the issue.

The JavaScript effects stopped working. What happened?

If you are having trouble with JavaScript effects – for example, if the Accordion Menu stops working – this might be due to a jQuery conflict. Please read the tutorial on JavaScript errors for further information.

Why is my site not styled?

If no CSS is being loaded, this is probably due to file permission issues in the theme directory. Please take a look at this tutorial to work out the problem.

My site is only showing a blank page. Should I panic?

No reason to panic. This is most likely due to a PHP error being thrown. You need to enable the display_errors parameter in your php.ini. That way error messages will be displayed on your site, so that you can detect the problem.

Another way to check for PHP errors is to have a look at your PHP error log. Your host should have configured PHP to write that information to a log rather than output them on screen.

Please check this guide to PHP error messages for webdesigners for a more thorough view on the subject.

Why do I keep getting validation errors?

A validator, like the W3C Validation service, may show you that your newly installed theme is not 100% valid as per its specifications, because it does not recognize widely adopted modern markup as yet or has issues detecting it.

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