First Steps

This tutorial gives you a brief overview of the general Joomla and Warp framework setup.

Setup the Menus

After creating your menu, you need to assign it to a menu module published in the menu module position. To do so, just go to Extensions > Module Manager, create a new Menu module and publish it in the menu position of the template.

Module in Menu Position

You can also publish any module in the menu position. The module name is used as menu item and the module content appears in the dropdown.

There are three different menu styles, the Navbar and its mega dropdown as a main menu, the Navs with the accordion effect in sidebars and the Subnavs in the toolbar or footer. Warp automatically styles the menu according to its module position.

Setting up the logo in Joomla is pretty straightforward. Just create a Custom HTML module in the logo position. Now you can enter your markup in the Custom output field.

For example, use the following code:

<img src="/images/logo.png" width="200" height="50" alt="logo" />

Warp 7 also provides the logo-small position, where you can display an alternative logo image for smaller viewport sizes.

Warp Themes Documentation