Get an overview of versions, file modifications and potential issues in your theme.


The dashboard section displays the current version number of the theme and the framework. This kind of information might be useful, if you need to resolve technical issues. It is advisable to update the framework and the theme simultaneously.

System Check

The system check shows you all critical files or potential problems.

Issues Description
File Permissions Provides general information on file permission issues.
PHP Version Checks if your theme runs on an unsupported/deprecated PHP version.
PHP Extensions Checks for required PHP extensions: JSON, DOM XML, Multibyte string (mbstring)

File Verification

The file verification feature helps you to easily keep track of your customizations. It displays all modified or deleted files for an unlimited period of time.

Note If the FTP server transfer mode is set to text mode, the files will automatically be formatted. Consequently, your own modifications might no longer be recognizable. To avoid this, set the transfer mode to binary.

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