This chapter shows you how to translate a Warp based theme.

There are already a lot of different languages available for Warp. If you want to contribute to our language pack, fork it at GitHub and send us a pull request. Any contribution is much appreciated. Thank you!

Create Language Files

  1. Go to the directory /warp/systems/joomla/language and copy an existing directory, for example /en-GB.
  2. Rename it (for example for Russian: /ru-RU).
  3. Do the same with the .ini files in the directory.
  4. Now you only need to translate the content of xx-XX.tpl_warp.ini to your language.

For further instructions, please take a look at the Specification of language files in Joomla tutorial.

Here is a short example of how the translatable language strings are used in Joomla templates. TPL_WARP_EXAMPLE is the language variable.

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