Manage your Joomla module styles and settings.

Modules can be displayed in different styles with additional icons and badges. In the Warp Modules overview, modules are grouped according to the positions in which they are published. Additionally, you can filter them by keyword and positions to which they are assigned.


This table gives you an overview of all available module options.

Setting Description
Class Allows you to add your own custom CSS classes.
Style Lets you choose a module preset style from the select box.
Icon Allows you to select an icon from the icon preview. You can also enter a path to a custom image. Enter the full path, for example /images/MY-IMAGE.jpg.
Badge Adds a badge to your module. Type in the text for the badge and select a color.
Display Display or hide a module on specific devices like desktops, tablets or phones.

Note The display setting does not have any effect if Joomla {loadposition} or {loadmodule} features are used.

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