Migration to YOOtheme Pro

Learn how to get your Warp 7 site to YOOtheme Pro with Widgetkit 3.


Warp 7 themes were sunset in 2021 and do not support Joomla 4 or PHP 8.x. For this reason, it is highly recommended to migrate all Warp 7 sites to a newer theme like YOOtheme Pro which is not just a framework, but a complex software including a theme, a page builder and so much more. It's a single product which gets regular updates and never gets old.

Unfortunately, it is also NOT possible to simply switch from Warp 7 to YOOtheme Pro. This is because Warp themes are built on UIkit 2, and YOOtheme Pro is built with UIkit 3. But we have created a tutorial on how to migrate your Warp 7 site with Widgetkit to YOOtheme Pro.

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