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ZOO provides a much improved Joomla experience. The key feature is the ability to create your very own custom content types. You bring the content, ZOO brings the elements to structure it and make it look good!

Effortless Management

ZOO makes it easy to organize your content

  • App Instances

    Create any number of apps, each with their own content.

    Easy Navigation

    Access quickly the item, category, frontpage, comments, tags or submission manager or the app configuration.

    Item Manager

    The main place to copy, edit, delete and publish items, create new ones and set the ordering and access level.

    Item Priority

    Besides the default ordering options you can prioritize selected items.

  • Category Manager

    Manage nested category trees conveniently. Collapse and expand them with one click.

    Drag & Drop

    Easily sort your categories through drag & drop.

    Item Count

    Displays the item count of each category. View the related items with a single click!


    Just like items you can extend categories with your own custom fields.

  • Comments Manager

    Keep track of your sites comments and edit, reply, approve and delete them.

    Social Connect

    Let your users authenticate with their Twitter or Facebook accounts to comment.


    Use filters like pending, approved and spam to find exactly the comments you are looking for.

    Spam Protection

    Integration of the Akismet and Mollum services to detect spam.

Powerful Features

Simply everything you need for building awesome websites

ZOO Usability

Custom Types

Create your own custom content types to create all the items you need like articles, movies or different product types.

ZOO Element Library

Element Library

Choose from a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more to build you custom types.

ZOO Nested Categories

Template Manager

Arrange your content via drag & drop! Just assign the elements to layout positions in pre-built templates.

ZOO Widgetkit Integration

Widgetkit Integration

Combine the power of ZOO and Widgetkit to create slideshows, galleries and accordions based on ZOO items.

ZOO Comments

Comment System

Built-in nested comments with spam protection and support for Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook.

ZOO Tag System

Tag System

Managing your tags is a breeze with text suggestions, auto completion and multiple selections.

ZOO Frontend Submission

Frontend Submission

Use our drag & drop form builder to let your users submit content from the frontend of your website.

ZOO Frontend Editing

Frontend Editing

Trusted authors can review and manage created content directly from the frontend of your website.

ZOO Importers


Automatically import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components.

  • Unlimited App Instances
  • Extendible App Parameters
  • Pre-build Templates Layouts
  • Lots of Style Settings
  • Automatic Image Sizing and Caching
  • Render Templates for Elements
  • Repeat Functionality for Elements
  • Powerful Related Items Element
  • Drag 'n Drop Category Sorting
  • Extend Categories with Fields
  • Multiple Category Item Assignment
  • Advanced Item Ordering
  • Automatically Generated Slugs
  • Easy Upgrades that preserve Settings
  • Support & Regular Updates
  • Uses jQuery for all Scripts
  • Built for Developers
  • Use Events to hook into ZOO
  • Email Notification for Comments
  • Akismet & Mollom Spam Protection
  • Avatars provided by Gravatar Service
  • Black List Comments by IP & more
  • Automatic URL Linking in Comments
  • Author Comments are highlighted
  • UTF-8 Characters in Alpha Index
  • Alpha Index for Categories & Items
  • Blog Template for Warp Themes
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Item Module with its own Layouts
  • Tag Cloud Module
  • Latest Comments Module
  • Joomla Search Plugin
  • Uses Natural Language Search
  • Uses Fast Search Index
  • Admin Quick Icon Module
  • Shortcodes show content anywhere
  • Native Joomla SEF Support
  • Joomla Plugins work inside ZOO
  • Email Notification for Submissions