UIkit 3 Beta released

It's all reworked, shiny and new

UIkit 3 released

Since our introduction of UIkit in 2013, it has become one of the most used front-end frameworks that power the modern web. With all the lessons we have learned during that release, we have continuously improved UIkit. After pretty much exactly one year of work and more than 1600 commits, we are taking the next big step today. We are releasing UIkit 3, the newest generation of our framework, which has been completely rethought and rebuilt.

While still being labeled as beta, UIkit 3 is really mature. The complete YOOtheme Pro product, including its theme and all of our websites from the past three months have been built with the new version of the framework. We have also taken the time to write an extensive documentation for every single component. The docs come with many examples that can be copy-pasted right into your own project.

UIkit 3 features all the things its predecessor is loved for: Modular components, conflict-free class names, customizable LESS sources, interactive JavaScript components, an easy to use theming system and responsiveness from the ground up.

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Joline Website

Powered by YOOtheme Pro

Fuse Website for YOOtheme Pro

Happy new year! We hope you all had great holidays with an even greater start in 2017. To sweeten up your new year, we are glad to release our newest website Joline today. It fits perfectly for all personal blog realizations. With its balanced blog formats and the added personal pages Joline is the ideal base to start your own fashion, food or lifestyle blogging platform.

Joline Style

Joline comes with its own style and a timeless design, which gives sites a smart and clean look. Lines as its central design element and a really classy font define and complete this minimal website. The Joline style is available for all previous and future YOOtheme Pro website releases.


To give you everything you need for your blog, the website offers six pre-built page layouts, a customizable category view and a beautiful look when you display the blog on the frontpage.

The layouts include a Spots page that points out different places on a map and leads to a case study. This is great to present stores or other locations. The Style page features a complex gallery layout, also with a case study. The About page comes with a more typography based layout and the Sponsors page presents partners in a line grid. All these are rounded up with the blog based Home and Lifestyle pages.

What's next?

This website once more follows a clean and minimalist design approach. But please, be patient as more styles are to follow, which will contain textures and a generally richer design. These styles will be available for Fuse, Horizon, Max, Joline as well as upcoming releases.

To help you write custom content and modify the style, we are going to release the UIkit 3 documentation by the end of the week (fingers crossed)! It took a while, but we are really excited about this, because it is a huge step forward. You will see.

Needless to say, Joline uses the latest features and full power of YOOtheme Pro. The upcoming YOOtheme Pro 1.3 is scheduled for next week with some great additions. So stay tuned. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • New Joline style
  • 6 page layouts
  • Personal, Blogger topic
  • Built with YOOtheme Pro

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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YOOtheme Pro Screencasts

8 videos help you to get started

YOOtheme Pro Screencasts

Everyone learns differently. Some might prefer reading documentation in text form, others play around by themselves and many like visual explanations. For the ones who prefer videos, we have prepared a series to walk you through all sections of YOOtheme Pro. If you are a beginner who is just getting started or want a demonstration of the more subtle settings — we hope these videos are helpful to all of you.

You can find the 8 videos we have prepared on Youtube or directly linked in the separate sections of the YOOtheme Pro docs. The explanations start with an overview followed by all the single sections of the YOOtheme Pro Website Builder.

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YOOtheme Pro 1.2 released

New website, blog options and improved workflow

YOOtheme Pro for WordPress

The year is coming to an end and the Christmas preparations are starting. So, while you get cozy and lean back, we'd like to present to you the latest YOOtheme Pro update. To optimize the workflow when creating pages in Joomla, we have added a number of new features that will make your day. In addition to that, we refactored the whole system blog as well as single posts, implementing a bunch of new settings that allow you to create different layouts. Of course, this update also comes with a brand new website: Max, the perfect blueprint for any personal or portfolio project.

The new website, Max

Max comes with a flat, colorful style. You can choose from six prebuilt layouts: Home, Work, Branding, Services, About and a case study. These provide the perfect base for any personal or freelance portfolio website.

The new website also comes with a new Flat style. The modularity of YOOtheme Pro makes it possible that this signature style can be applied to the previous releases Fuse and Horizon, as well as upcoming ones.

  • New Flat style
  • 6 Layouts for different page types
  • Personal, freelancer topic

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

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YOOtheme Pro for WordPress

The new website builder. Even newer.

YOOtheme Pro for WordPress

It's been a couple of weeks since we released YOOtheme Pro and quite a few things happened in the meantime. We have been working hard and are excited to announce that as of today, YOOtheme Pro is available for WordPress! Joomla and WordPress users won't only be able to enjoy last month's website Fuse, but also our new release Horizon.

There's still more good news to share. You can now use Widgetkit 2 and YOOtheme Pro simultaneously. We know that this will make many of you guys very happy.

In addition we published 12 minor releases in the last 4 weeks which come with a new style, a bunch of new features, options and settings as well as several improvements and bug fixes. This is an impressive number that we are proud of and hopefully it shows, how passionate we are about YOOtheme Pro. We will keep pushing even more updates in the future. Read on to find out what all this means in detail.

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YOOtheme Pro

Here is our new all-in-one website builder

YOOtheme Pro released

After almost one year of development we are incredibly proud to release YOOtheme Pro for Joomla today. It is the biggest step for us since the founding of YOOtheme and it will bring a new era that merges our products into a single, groundbreaking toolkit for creating web experiences: The website builder. It will revolutionize the way you work and lets you create beautiful websites in no time - without the need to write a line of code.

YOOtheme Pro in detail

The new website builder is the heart of YOOtheme Pro and your most important tool. It allows you to customize and manage pretty much every aspect of your website and to build entire pages with modular building blocks, called elements. You can edit Joomla content, like menus and modules, without leaving the YOOtheme Pro administration. All this happens in a real-time preview, so that you can see changes that you make immediately.

To give you an overview of all the new YOOtheme Pro features, we've lauched a brand new landing page. Check it out!

YOOtheme Pro website

View YOOtheme Pro Website

Fuse — A new website, new possibilities

With YOOtheme Pro we also rethought our theme creation process. Instead of our previous, monolithic theme releases we move to a new system of modular and evolving websites. So, today we are thrilled to present our first website based on YOOtheme Pro: Fuse! It introduces the new default theme, the first style called Minimal and 8 different page layouts - all wrapped in elegant, web agency themed demo content.

YOOtheme Pro - Fuse website

The default YOOtheme Pro theme is sporting a classical widescreen layout and is stuffed with features, like different header layouts, a special mobile header and many options to create unique top and bottom sections. The first available style has a minimalistic and modern look. It's light, elegant and focused on typographical details. The topic of the website serves as a perfect basis for any agency or portfolio website and comes with 8 prebuilt layouts: Frontpage, Portfolio, Services, About, FAQ, Case Study, Careers and Press.

  • Default YOOtheme Pro Theme
  • 1 Style called Minimal
  • 8 Layouts for different page types
  • Web agency and business topic

View Fuse Website

Same release cycle, new concept

So what does YOOtheme Pro mean for you and your subscription?

The basic principle remains the same. At the beginning of each month a new Website, like Fuse, will be released. It bundles the theme itself and its features, styles for a different look, pages with different layouts and demo content for a specific topic. Thanks to the modular structure of YOOtheme Pro, it will be easy to transform one website into various creations. With this concept, we are able to offer you more possibilities than ever before.

The best thing is, all websites will be updated continuously. This means that we will keep adding new features, styles, layouts and topics to each release. This is amazing, because each website is part of an evolving ecosystem and will continue to grow and evolve along with it.

We still have lots of ideas for the YOOtheme Pro website builder, which we will add step by step, aiming for monthly feature releases. You can expect YOOtheme 1.1 by November, 1.2 by December and so on.

Meanwhile you don't have to worry. There is no need to upgrade your existing subscription. All members have immediate access to YOOtheme Pro including all new features. Basically nothing is going to change for you — except the product, which is way better than before.

What about Warp and Widgetkit?

The YOOtheme Pro website builder and its themes are based on a completely new framework. You can consider it the successor of Warp and Widgetkit, since it combines the features of both — which is great. Unfortunately, this also means that it will be impossible to upgrade older themes to the new system. But there is absolutely no need to upgrade your already running website. There are no plans to end Warp 7 theme support any time soon.

Note, if you are using Widgetkit 2 or ZOO, you will also need to update the extensions to the latest version.

Hello, Pro

Please remember: This is the first release of a completely new system and we are working on constant improvements. So, if you find any bugs, please report them in the support center and we will fix them right away. Our current focus is on making YOOtheme Pro available for WordPress, with Pagekit following.

Now go on, explore!

View YOOtheme Pro Website View Fuse Website Demo

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UPDATE: WordPress Members

We understand that it is hard for our WordPress users to wait for YOOtheme Pro. Therefore, we are giving access to the Joomla version to all WordPress members, as well. That way you can already play around and give it a try. We are working hard on getting the WordPress version ready as soon as possible. There's still a large amount of work to be done, but we intend to release YOOtheme Pro for WordPress in November.

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Page Builder

Create sophisticated layouts with YOOtheme Pro

Create websites in no time with the YOOtheme Pro website builder

Only one week is left until our magnificent new website builder will drop and change the way you create websites forever. Now it's time for the last installment of our blog post series. Let's talk about the most spectacular part of the website builder: the page builder.

What is it for?

Sophisticated page content isn't easy to create. Having to set up a page's layout with all its headlines, grids and other design elements in plain HTML can be daunting and take quite a while. So, our goal was to enable you to create a complete website quickly and to produce perfect, updateable markup without coding.

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