Builder Module

Experience the full power of the YOOtheme Pro page builder. Publish the builder module in the top or bottom positions and create sophisticated layouts with unlimited sections above and below the main content.

Builder Module

The builder module is a regular Joomla module and needs to be published in the top or bottom position through the Joomla module manager. This is because the YOOtheme Pro page builder allows you to create full-width sections, which only works in these two positions. Otherwise, an error message will appear.

Note The layout settings in Layout → Top and Layout → Bottom are ignored by the builder module because it allows you to create multiple sections which each has its own settings.

Builder module example

Open the Builder

In the Modules panel of YOOtheme Pro there is a Builder button to the right of each Builder Module, which opens the YOOtheme Pro page builder.

Builder module

There is also an Open Builder button in the Edit Modules view from Joomla, so you can access the page builder directly without opening YOOtheme Pro. This comes in handy if users don't have access to the YOOtheme Pro theme settings.

Open builder module

Builder Positions 1 to 6

There are six builder-1 to builder-6 positions which are not rendered anywhere else in the theme. They are reserved to be used by the Position element from the page builder. Learn more about the advanced layout techniques.

Advanced Layout Techniques

If the created layout in the builder module has no output, it will automatically collapse, and the rest of the page will adapt accordingly. This is very powerful in combination with the Module and Position elements from the YOOtheme Pro element library. They behave the same and collapse if they don't have any content output.

Collapsing layout

For example, you can create a complete layout using Position elements. The layout will be only rendered if there are modules published on selected positions. Otherwise, it will completely collapse. Module page assignment and user permission are also taken into account.

Builder positions

Note There are six builder-1 to builder-6 positions available for this use case which are not rendered anywhere else in the theme.

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