All you need to know about menus in YOOtheme Pro.

YOOtheme Pro offers a seamless integration of the Joomla Menu Manager. In the Menus panel it is possible to edit and add menu items without leaving YOOtheme Pro. YOOtheme Pro also introduces the concept of menu positions, which is a quick way to publish a menu without having to create a Joomla module.

There are two new menu positions, several module positions where menus appear in different styles, and a way to create text-only menu items.

Manage Menu Items

Thanks to the integration of the Joomla Menu Manager, it's possible to edit and add new menu items directly in YOOtheme Pro.

The Menus panel shows a list of all menus and their menu items. Enter a menu and click on a menu item to open a modal with the Edit Menu Items view from Joomla. This way you can change menu item settings without leaving YOOtheme Pro. Scroll down to the bottom and click the New Menu Item button to create a new menu item. A Delete button is also available in the upper right corner of the modal.

For detailed information on how to edit menu items in Joomla, please refer to the Joomla documentation.

Menu manager

YOOtheme Pro introduces menu positions to Joomla. It's an easy way to publish menus on specific positions without having to create a Joomla Module. There are two menu positions available.

Menu Position Description
Navbar The main menu of the website that shows up in the regular header.
Mobile The menu that shows up in the mobile header on smaller devices.

Open the Menus panel in YOOtheme Pro and display a menu by selecting the position where it should appear. For example, publish the main menu on the navbar position and an alternative menu on the mobile position.

Manage the appearance of both menus in the corresponding Header and Mobile panels.

Note Instead of using the menu positions, you still can publish a menu module in the Navbar or Mobile module position. This can come in handy if you have to use the advanced settings of a menu module.

Note If you are creating a multilingual site, you can't use the menu positions yet. Instead, use the Joomla module manager to publish the right menu depending on the current languages.

Menu modules can be published in several module positions.

Module Position Description
navbar mobile The menu appears in the Navbar or Mobile location. This is an alternative way to publish a menu.
toolbar-left toolbar-right The menu appears as a horizontal subnav. Only level 1 menu items are shown.
sidebar top bottom The menu appears as a horizontal subnav or as a vertical nav depending on the Menu Style setting for the menu module. When rendered as a sidebar, an accordion effect is added to text menu items to show their sub items.

Text Menu Item

You can create a menu item which contains only text and no link. Just choose System Link → Text Separator as Menu Item Type when adding a new menu item. This is very useful for the following two cases.

Menu Description
Navbar Menu A text menu item allows you to display a dropdown on hover or click without it being linked to a page.
Sidebar Menu An accordion effect is added to text menu items to show their sub items.

Use the native Joomla feature for utilizing icons in a menu. Go to Edit Menu Item → Link Type → Link Image and select an image for the menu item.

Multilingual Menus

Learn how to display different menus on a multilingual site.

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