Use the power of the YOOtheme Pro page builder to create site-wide templates for the category blog, featured articles, tagged items, single contact, search and single article pages.

YOOtheme Pro allows you to build and design templates with the YOOtheme Pro page builder. A template is a general layout which applies to pages of a specific type and loads their content dynamically into the layout. For example, a single article template applies the same layout to all articles. Learn more about dynamic content.

In the Templates panel you can add, edit and delete templates and assign them to different pages. For example, if you have a website for movie reviews, you could create templates for your blog posts but also dedicated templates for your movie reviews.


The Templates panel shows a list of all created templates grouped according to the page they are assigned to. A gray dot next to a template indicates that the template is used on the page shown in the preview.


To edit the layout of a template, simply click on it. The preview on the right will automatically update and show a page the template is assigned to.

To edit the template's options, click the Edit button which appears on hover. A modal will open where you can change the template's name, status and page assignment. A Delete button is also available in the upper right corner of the modal. To add a new template, click the New Template button. Give it a Name and choose a Page to assign the template.

Add a new template

Page Assignment

Templates can be assigned to the following pages. These are the same pages which can be linked in the Joomla menu. The content of your selected page will be automatically available as page sources.

Page Description
Single Article Renders a single article
Category Blog Renders a category page displaying all its articles
Featured Articles Renders the featured articles index page displaying all featured articles
Tagged Items Renders a tag page displaying all its items.
List All Tags Renders the list of all tags filtered by the parent tag
Single Contact Renders the single contact page
Search Renders the search results page
Smart Search Renders the smart search results page
Error 404 Renders the 404 error page

Note The template for the Tagged Items page also applies to the Compact List of Tagged Items page.

Note To access the error page, click the link in the description text under the template list.


Depending on the page, there are different filter options to specify and restrict the assignment. Use the shift or ctrl/cmd key to select multiple options in a list.

Page Filter Options
Single Article The template is only assigned to articles from the selected categories and tags. Articles from child categories are not included. If no category or tag is selected, the template is assigned to all articles.
Category Blog The template is only assigned to the selected categories. Child categories are not included. If no category is selected, the template is assigned to all categories. Additionally, limit the template assignment by article tags set in the menu item or by page number.
Featured Articles Limit the template assignment by page number.
Tagged Items Limit the template assignment by page number.
Search Limit the template assignment by page number.

If there are multiple filter options, they are combined using a logical AND operator.

Single article page

Loading Priority

Multiple templates can be assigned to the same page. In this case, the template which appears first in the templates list will be applied. Change the order of the templates using drag and drop.

Loading priority


There is an option to disable the template and publish it later. The template will only be shown to the editor while the customizer is open. This allows you to work on a template without it being visible for the users of your website.


Multilingual Sites

In multilingual websites all pages have an additional option to limit the template assignment by language.

Limit by language

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