This page answers a number of frequently asked questions and known problems.

Why is the builder 'Not available on this page'?

There are some possibilities why you are seeing this error:

  • Your WordPress session has timed out, and you need to log in again.

  • When you are using the Cloudflare services, make sure to disable the RocketLoader in the Cloudflare settings.

Why is the sidebar not showing up on the YOOtheme Pro page builder pages?

This is because the page builder creates full-width sections where the sidebar needs to be placed within the layout of these sections. This can be done using the Area element in the page builder.

Why is my site showing a blank page?

This is most likely caused by a PHP error being thrown. You need to enable the display_errors parameter in your php.ini. That way error messages will be displayed on your site, so that you can detect the problem.

Another way to check for PHP errors is to have a look at your PHP error log. Your host should have configured PHP to write that information to a log rather than output them on screen.

Please check this guide to PHP error messages for designers for more information.

Why can't I save the theme configuration?

This might be due to file permission issues. Please take a look at this tutorial to solve file permission issues.

Why is my site unstyled and doesn't load any CSS?

If no CSS is being loaded, this is probably caused by file permission issues in the theme directory. Please take a look at this tutorial to solve file permission issues.

Why did the animation effects stop working?

If your website does not work as you expect when you click something or if the animation stopped working, this could be the result of a JavaScript error. In case of an error, the script execution will be stopped by the browser. While some pages might still work, others don't. Not every script is being loaded on every single page of your website. A way to investigate these errors is to use the browser's debug console on the page where the error occurs. These developer tools will show you the script-errors including information about what went wrong, the file and line number, and the line of source code that caused the error.

Usually the errors are caused by a combination of multiple WordPress plugins. The browser's debug console will help you identify the scripts and their related files on your web server. Once you have identified the plugin, you can try disabling it to make sure your page works without any errors again.

Why does the site have validation errors?

The W3C HTML validator shows some Attribute 'uk-*' not allowed on element... errors. The UIkit framework uses these attributes to initialize its JavaScript components. In UIkit it's possible to use the uk-* or data-uk-* prefix for the attributes. The data-* attributes are intended for this kind of use, but for YOOtheme Pro we have decided to go with the short form uk- to decrease file size. They are non-standard attributes and for this reason indicated by the W3C validator. But that's nothing to worry about.

The W3C CSS validator shows a few errors because YOOtheme Pro uses the latest browser features which may not be part of the official CSS specification yet. That's also nothing to worry about.

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