Files & Images

Manage images, files and links easily.

YOOtheme Pro seamlessly integrates the WordPress Media Manager and Link Picker. Images are resized automatically, and responsive images are auto-generated.


Image fields in YOOtheme Pro open the Media Manager and show a preview of the selected image. An external URL to an image can also be added directly in the field.

Image field

Width and Height

There is always an option to set the Width and Height of an image.

Setting Description
None The original uploaded image is linked.
Width or Height The image is resized, and the original proportions are preserved.
Width and Height The image is resized and evenly cropped to the new proportions.

Note Resized images are saved in the theme’s cache folder yootheme/cache. You can clear the cache folder to resize all images again.

Responsive Images

When uploading an image, it is recommended to set at least a Width or a Height value with the original dimensions of the uploaded file. YOOtheme Pro will automatically create additional resized versions: 768px, 1024px, 1366px, 1600px, 1920px, 200%. If the image resolution does not allow generating some versions due to the size of the uploaded image, YOOtheme Pro will create a version with the highest resolution possible. Therefore, it's recommended to upload images with high resolution. Thanks to the srcset attribute, the best image source for a visitor's device will be loaded.

Note Responsive images for the srcset attribute are only generated if a Width or a Height value is set.

Link fields in YOOtheme Pro come with two icons to the right which enable you to pick either an internal link with the native WordPress link picker, or a file with the Media Manager. An external URL can also be added directly in the field.

Link field

Media Manager

The Wordpress media manager is seamlessly integrated into YOOtheme Pro and opens every time you want to pick an image or a file. Upload, search and add images as you are used to from WordPress. At the top there is a new tab to access the integrated Unsplash image library.

Media manager

Unsplash Image Library

YOOtheem Pro integrates Unsplash – an extensive library of free high-quality images. You can access the Unsplash library directly at the top in the media manager. Browse through collections and categories and try out images without having to download them. Images will only be downloaded after you click Save.

You can also use images from different YOOtheme Pro themes. These are included in theme-specific collections that can be found in Users – YOOtheme.

Note Only users with an active Developer subscription have access to Unsplash Library.

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