Layout Library

Browse the Layout Library and choose one of the pre-built layouts as a starting point. You can also save your own page layouts into the Layout Library and reuse them later.

Go to the Builder panel of YOOtheme Pro and click the Library button in the upper right corner of the YOOtheme Pro page builder. The Layout Library will open in a lightbox.

My Layouts

The My Layouts tab shows a list of your own custom-built and saved layouts. There are two types of layouts: a whole page or a single section. Click on the name of the layout to load it into the current page. Layouts can also be renamed and deleted with the action buttons, which show up on the right side when hovering an item in the list.

My layouts

Pro Layouts

The Pro Layouts tab shows a list of pre-built premium layouts created by YOOtheme. New layouts are added to this online library on a regular basis. Click on one of the thumbnail previews to load a layout into the current page. There are various options available to filter the layouts.

Filter Description
Layout Filter by the page type, e.g. contact or pricing pages.
Topic Filter the by topic of the demo content upon which the layout is built, e.g. fashion or wedding websites.
Type Filter by the topic type that the layout was built for, e.g. a business, magazine or personal website.
Website Filter by the release name of the demo package in which the layout is included.

Note Loading YOOtheme Pro layouts requires an API key of an active YOOtheme Pro subscription.

Pro layouts

Load Layout

When you click on any item in the Layout Library, it will be loaded into the current page. By default, the Replace existing content checkbox is active, and the whole layout of the current page will be replaced. You can also choose to insert the new layout to the top or bottom of the current page layout. YOOtheme Pro will remember the chosen option and use it next time the new layout it loaded.


Save Layout

Both a whole page and single section layouts can be saved in the Layout Library. Once a layout is saved, it is available in the My Layouts tab.

Save Description
Page Open the Layout Library and click the Save Layout button in the upper right corner.
Section Hover a section within the page builder and click the Save in Library button.

Save layout

Overwriting Layouts

YOOtheme Pro prevents overwriting saved layouts. If the layout has been updated by a different user, a notification will appear with an option to reload the page. The notification can be closed. However, before the layout can be saved, a modal dialog will appear with an option to either save the layout overwriting the changes of another user, or discard the changes and reload the page.

This workflow especially applies if two users have permission to edit the theme settings and are using the YOOtheme Pro customizer. If the users open the page builder by editing an Joomla or WordPress post, there wouldn't be any issues because the post would be locked by the CMS.

Overwriting layouts

Overwriting layouts modal

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