Enable automatic updates of YOOtheme Pro and gain access to the layout library as well as the Unsplash image library.

YOOtheme Pro can be updated using the WordPress update system. Whenever a new version of YOOtheme Pro is available, you will receive a notification in the WordPress Dashboard. Before you can update, you have to first add your YOOtheme Pro API key.

Update notification


A YOOtheme API key is an alphanumeric code. It consists of 40 characters and is created individually for each website. Without it you won't be able to update YOOtheme Pro or access the Layout Library and the Unsplash image library. You can find and manage your API keys in the Websites tab of your account. Add each domain where you want to use YOOtheme Pro, and a unique API key will be generated.

API key

Entering the API Key

Open the WordPress customizer, go to Settings → API Key and paste the API key into the field. After saving, you can update it with one click just like any other theme.

Enter API Key

Minimum Stability

Choose the minimum stability for YOOtheme Pro updates on your site. Open the WordPress Customizer, go to Settings → API Key and set the minimum stability to either Stable or Beta.

Release Description
Stable This release is a version which has been thoroughly tested by both our team and the community. Use it for production sites.
Beta This release is a version which has been thoroughly tested by our team. Use it to help us test and prevent issues in the Stable release.

Minimum stability


To get an overview of new additions and changes, take a look at the changelog of the latest YOOtheme Pro version.

Open Changelog

Alternatively, you can also display the changelog of your local YOOtheme Pro installation. Open the WordPress customizer, go to Settings → About and hit the Changelog button to see the changelog.

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