Custom Module Templates

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a new module template for ZOO 2.0 extension. We will show the steps on the basis of ZOO item module.

Getting Started

All the files for a ZOO module are usually located in /modules/MODULE/.

For ZOO item module for example the path is /modules/mod_zooitem/.

In the folder /tmpl/ all files for the template are stored. The folder /renderer/item/ contains all files for the layouts.

Creating a New Template

The templates of a ZOO module are stored in the folder /tmpl/ of the module folder, for example for ZOO item module, the folder is:


The easiest way to create a new template is to have a look at the existing ones and copy the code and then change it to your needs. Give the file a new name like myliststyle.php.

Then just add your new myliststyle.php file to /modules/mod_zooitem/tmpl/.

For every template there is a folder with all images and css styles. You have to create this folder for your new style and create the css files. Please don't forget to change the paths in the myliststyle.php to your newly created folders.

As templates are unique for every module, we won't get into detail here. There is a longer tutorial explaining the customization of templates here that can be adapted.

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