This tutorial will show you how to install a language pack for ZOO.

Getting Started

Download the latest language packs. The languages in the archive are sorted into folders. For example the English language can be found in /en-GB, the German language can be found in /de-DE. Choose the language you wish to install.

There are two different folders in the language folder, the applications folder /apps and ZOO component folder /zoo.


Installing the Application Language Files

First we'll install the applications languages. Simply copy the content of the /apps folder into /media/zoo/applications/.

Installing ZOO Language Files

As with every Joomla component, there are frontend and backend language files. Simply copy the content of the /zoo folder to your Joomla installation.

Language Pack on GitHub

Help us out! If you want to contribute to our language pack, fork it at GitHub and send us a pull request. Any contribution is much appreciated. Thank you!

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