Shortcode Plugin

Learn how to use the Shortcode Plugin. Basically the Shortcode plugin is used to simply create references to ZOO items and categories within your text.


First you need to enable the Shortcode plugin from Joomla's plugin menu.

With the Shortcode plugin you can create a reference to an item, a category or App frontpage. Use either id or alias to reference it. You can include a link text by adding a text parameter, if you don't provide the text parameter, item/category name is used. You can also set the output to url or link, being default link if omitted.

Here is the syntax to use:

  • {zooitem: ID_OR_ALIAS text: MYTEXT }
  • {zoocategory: ID_OR_ALIAS text: MYTEXT }
  • {zoofrontpage: APP_ID text: MYTEXT output: url}

This is a content plugin used on ZOO Textarea elements. Please enable the Load Plugins option in your Textarea element.

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