Tag Module

Learn how to set up and configure ZOO tag module for your site. You can show tags of your app in a Joomla module and publish it on a module position in your template. You can choose between different styles and settings.

Note When you install ZOO, ZOO tag module is installed automatically.

ZOO tag module

To create a new ZOO tag module, log in to the Joomla administration and click on Extensions » Module Manager. Click on ZOO Tag.


On the left, you have the typical configurations of a Joomla module. Give the module a name, enable it and choose the module position for it.

ZOO tag module

On the right you can set the module parameters. Here is a description of the fields.

  • Theme: Select how the items should look like in ZOO tag module. Choose between the predefined themes or create your own one. To do so, check out this tutorial.
  • Application/Category: Here you can choose the app and one of its categories of which you want to show tags in this module. In the next option you can set, whether the tags of the subcategory of the chosen one should be included or not.
  • Tag Count: Choose, how many tags you want to show in the module.
  • Tag Order: In this option you determine the order of the displayed tags.
  • Module Class Suffix: Set template specific module class suffixes to change the appearing of the module in the frontend.

ZOO tag module

Click on Save in the top right corner and the tag module will be shown to your visitors.

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